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Why you should use a Geniue/Original Windows 8

Author Topic: Why you should use a Geniue/Original Windows 8  (Read 2143 times)

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Why you should use a Geniue/Original Windows 8
« on: December 30, 2013, 01:14:41 AM »

Reasons Why You Should Use Original/ Geniue  copy of Windows8

Using Fake Version of windows 8 can give you lots of problems, Especially when you use cr*ck or any activator software to activate windows, Below are some problems you might encounter when you use cr*ck or Activator to activate windows
1) Windows stops functioning properly after a period of time
 After a period of time your windows begin to malfunction.
i)You begin to see some Errors like "This application has Stopped Working Click here to close"
ii)Windows explorer stops running automatically, this makes your system screen blank during startup.
iii)Games and other Softwares stops working..

2)Windows Apps Start giving Errors(camera, music, pictures, map etc)

 Your windows Apps would stop working and you get an error message saying "A problem with windows didnot allow this App to Start, Refreshing your Pc might help Fix the Problem"

3)Inability to use Windows Update and Store
When you use cracked version of windows you would not be able to use the Windows update and Store without having issues

4)Cracks and Activators could contain Viruses, Malwares or Spyware
This might expose your Pc to viruses

5) In some civilized countries you might get arrested for using fake version of windows

Best way you can enjoy your windows 8 is by using the original version or original license key to activate your windows.

Where can i get original Windows8?
Look for any certified microsoft retail shop in your country, original version of windows comes in a pack and has the license key in it.. or you can purchase it online

Is it Possible to purchase only license key?
If your windows is not yet activated you can buy a license key to make your windows genuie, your computer would direct you to a place where you can purchase the license anytime you startup, but the previous method is quite expensive about $290, you can buy a cheaper License key from Amazon it cost $69 at the time of this post, click here
to get it.


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