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How to Fix Blue Screen Error in Windows 8, 7 and XP | Blue Screen of Death

Author Topic: How to Fix Blue Screen Error in Windows 8, 7 and XP | Blue Screen of Death  (Read 4156 times)

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Blue Screen Error or Stop Error is common in all Windows8 or 8+ based Operating Systems.
In Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) usually appear with a big smiley icon : ( and a Text telling you to restart your computer.
If Blue Screen Error continues it can result in loss of Application data.
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 What Causes Blue Screen Error?
This can be caused by Hardware Failure In the System
Using Old Version of Drivers
If the System is affected by Virus
Failure of RAM and Power Supply Problems
To Fix this Problem follow the Steps below
Blue Screen of Death
1) In most cases the problem occurs only because of the Drivers, so first update your Windows Operating System Drivers.
Download a software called SlimDrivers This automatically detects the drivers and update them.
2) Install a good Antivirus and Scan the entire system.
You can try Free Avast antivirus and Configure the Boot Scan.
3) Check whether the RAM is Working or Not, Remove the RAM Clean it and Fix it properly in its slot. Use RAM Optimizer Software which Boosts the system performance.
4) Check whether there are any loose connections in the cabinet. If necessary open the cabinet clean it.
5) Then Run Disk Defragmenter and Error Checking on your Hard Drive.
6) Download the below mentioned Cleaning Softwares and Run them on your pc.
Wise Registry Cleaner
7) Finally Restart your system and Run it in Safe Mode.
To Run your PC in Safe Mode press F8 button at the time of booting.
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