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How to Create Recovey USB Keys in Windows 8

Author Topic: How to Create Recovey USB Keys in Windows 8  (Read 1753 times)

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How to Create Recovey USB Keys in Windows 8
« on: December 18, 2013, 12:52:08 PM »

Anytime you have a new Windows system,
one of the first things to do is create a
bootable repair disc or flash drive. Windows
8 has two approaches to creating
emergency recovery media, one new and
one left over from Windows 7. They are not
obvious but here is how to find and use
them. First, I’ll show the new way.
Creating recovery media with the new
Windows 8 feature
1. Enter the keyboard shortcut Winkey
+W to open the Start screen Settings
2. Type “recovery” (without quotes).
3. Click “Create a recovery drive”. Example
shown by clicking the first thumbnail.
4. You will be switched to the desktop.
Click “Yes” in the UAC challenge.
5. Click “Next” in the dialog that opens.
Depending on your system, there may
be an option to include the PC’s
recovery partition. An example of the
dialog can be seen by clicking the
second thumbnail.
6. A list of available drives will be shown.
Or insert a blank USB key with at least
256 MB capacity. Of course, if you are
copying the PC’s recovery partition, you
will need a lot more that 256 MB. If no
USB drives are found and you have an
optical drive, the option to use a blank
CD or DVD will be shown as well.
7. Click “Next”. You will be warned that
anything already on the drive will be
8. Click “Create”.
9. Click “Finish” when the job is done.
As the size of 256 MB in step 6 indicates, a
recovery disc or drive by itself is not a
backup. Its function is to provide tools for
trying to fix a system that won't boot.
Using the legacy Windows 7 method
It is somewhat confusing but the restore
feature that was in Windows 7 is also
available in Windows 8.0. However, it is
deprecated and is gone from the preview
version of Windows 8.1. This feature does
have the ability to create a system image,
something not present in Windows 8
otherwise. Here is the way to access it.
1. Enter the keyboard shortcut Winkey+W
to open the Start screen Settings search
2. Type “recovery” (without quotes).
3. Click “Windows 7 File Recovery”.
4. You will be switched to the desktop
and the dialog shown by clicking the
third thumbnail will open. The dialog is
labeled Windows 7 even though you
are working in Windows 8.
5. You have the option of creating a
system image or a system repair disc.
A quicker way to open the legacy Windows
7 File Recovery is this alternative route:
1. Open the Run line with the keyboard
2. Enter “sdclt”


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