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How to Upgrade your Windows Phone to 8.1 using Developer Preview

Author Topic: How to Upgrade your Windows Phone to 8.1 using Developer Preview  (Read 3253 times)

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Windows 8.1 has been really great especially Cortana, Many users can't wait to get the Upgrade on there Windows phone Device,
 Unfortunately this update is not available yet but can be gotten using the Developer Preview Program
Just follow the steps below (Note:Once you have installed it update, you cannot roll it back to previous update.)

You can watch online on youtube

  • Sign up for Microsoft’s App Studio: http://appstudio.windowsphone.com which is free of cost, using your Microsoft ID which is used on your phone and allow them to register your email address. Once you have the confirmation on the account created, now you need to install an app on your phone.
  • Install the Preview for Developers app and then sign in with the same ID which you used to create the App studio account in step 1.
  • Now you can see an option “Enable Preview for Developers”, check the option and click done.
  • That’s it. You are now enrolled to the developers program. Now when the update is released, Go to Settings-> Phone Updates and click check for updates button and you will be able to see the updates.

Make sure you install every update you see.
You would be prompted to Downloaad and install about 2 updates first,
Before finally installing Windows8.1 update, the 2 updates are only to prepare your phone for windows8.1

After you have downloaded and installed windows8.1 you would have some changes and cool features on your device
Check below

Screenshot Key Combination Changed As you see in the following screenshot, it says that the screenshot button combo has changed to Volume Up and Power buttons.

The update message “…and it will be worth the wait”.

After a successful update, the message asks to continue for customization of settings.

The following screen shows the new settings
Continued from above screen…

 Action Centre The Action Centre is the notification window which can be brought by swiping from the notification bar.

 Start + Theme Setting New start + theme setting in system settings menu.

The following screens shows the start + theme settings.

Continued from above screen…

 Notifications + Actions Settings

The following screen shows the four actions buttons available in action menu. Touch on each of them to change from a list of settings. Checkbox showing “Show notifications in action centre when my phone is locked” will make the action men available while screen is locked. Further, the apps that are enabled notification are displayed below.

New settings or Changed Name
 Storage Sense, Project My Screen and Sync My Settings
The Project my screen page has dependency on USB connection, however I am not able to do it at the moment, I would update about this on another blog post.

Sync my settings has following settings.

 Advertising Id This is a new setting; unfortunately I have no data on these settings.

The following screen is for the Advertising Id settings, the settings are somehow related to the advertisement. I would update about this in another post.

 All new Store app

 New Speed Dial
 Revamped Calling History
 All New Calling Screen
 All New Ringer Settings
 WiFi Sense
 Calendar now accesses your location
 All New Calendar Look
 Finally the Background of Start Screen

To enable Cortana just Follow the steps below
1) Pull down the notification centre by swiping down and tap on the
All Settings then Language change your Language to English United States
then install.

2.Change the region : In the settings page, look for REGION. Change this to United States. Make sure to keep the “Match phone language” option under Regional Format.
Windows Phone Language Settings height=354
3. Re-check settings for Region, Speech and Speech: Check these again and restart your phone. When you do that, there will be a quick migration of few things. Don’t give a lot of thought to it.
After restart, hit the search button and you should see Cortana right up. Try out few commands and it should work nicely. The speech or the accent for other countries is not a problem for Cortana as long as you speak English. It was picking Indian accent pretty well.
 What if Cortana Still doesn’t Work ? If you still see the Bing page, cross check if you have local count enabled. That will be an extra icon on the Bing menu bar. This confirms that you have US settings, probably you had missed few things.
Cortana Settings height=354
In case it still doesn’t work, go to Settings > Applications and see if Cortana is listed. If it’s listed, there is something wrong with your settings. Good thing is Cortana will be able to tell you what is wrong. Like in my case, I had my speech settings that was missing. It clearly said that “Cortana can only work if your speech language matches your display language”. You can directly open and configure so.

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