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Instant Wordpress Software :Design Wordpress Site On Your PC Offline

Author Topic: Instant Wordpress Software :Design Wordpress Site On Your PC Offline  (Read 2827 times)

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instant wordpress, used for
running wordpress web design and development on your computer offline.i have been using instant wordpress software to run and design a wordpress website on my computer offline which makes designing of wordpress site an easy task.although i do make use of xamp and wamp to run wordpress, joomla, drupa and other CMS content management website on my computer offline without needing internet connection.but
right now instant wordpress does same thing but its used for wordpress site design since it
is configured to run wordpress instantly from your computer without necessarily installing the main wordpress file from local host since instant wordpress comes with
WordPress pre-installed,ALL YOU need to do is to just install the instant
wordpress and start designing your wp site.

one thing i also love about this tool is that, it makes it easy for you to carry your wordpress design files on your Flash drive,memory card or any other USB storage device without installing the program so if you are using WordPress to
design website on your
computer or via
live host, then instant
WordPress is a software you would want to have in your library of tools.i normal have portable software which i
carry on my flash drive when ever i want to
fix or check out something on some ones computer and have added instant WordPress to the list of
portable softwares
since it also makes it easy for me to carry on flash drive.

here are some of the features of instant
WordPress What is Instant WordPress?

==> Instant WordPress is a
complete standalone, portable WordPress
development environment. It turns any Windows machine into a WordPress development server. It will
even run from a USB key.

==> Instant WordPress comes complete with itís own built in Apache web
server, PHP and MySQL
installations that are started and stopped automatically.

==> Instant WordPress comes complete with a set of dummy WordPress posts
and pages so that you do not have to create any data or posts to test themes and plugins.

==> Instant WordPress is self-configuring, so it should not conflict with
any software already running on your machine.

==> Instant WordPress can be installed as many times as you wish and
deleted by simply removing the folder that it is running from.
Nothing is left on your machine.

How To install Instant

==> Double click on the
InstantWP executable that you downloaded from the

==> Choose an installation folder by clicking the Browse button.

==> Click the Install button.

==> Instant WordPress will be installed into the selected folder.

Please Note:
==> Instant WordPress does not add anything to your systems registry or

 ==> It is entirely portable and runs from the folder where it is installed.

==> Instant WordPress can be installed on a USB key and will run from there. The folder which Instant
WordPress is installed in can be renamed and
Instant WordPress will run
from there in the same way. This means you can have several installations on the same machine or even
the same USB key. Download Instand Wordpress Via their official website at Download Instant Wordpress.

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