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How to easily backup your entire website using Filezilla

Author Topic: How to easily backup your entire website using Filezilla  (Read 3137 times)

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How to easily backup your entire website using Filezilla
« on: December 31, 2013, 10:46:36 AM »

Fastest and easiest way to backup Your site, Follow the steps below

Just  Download and Install Filezilla  on your desktop or laptop computer and follow these steps..

1. Open the Filezilla Software

2. Login with your cpanel detail
i. Host : your domain name (without http://www.) example  topnichez.com
ii. username : your cpanel username
iii. password : your cpanel paswword
port : normal it's 21
iv. Click on "quick connect"

3. It will open your cpanel files

4. Remember to create an empty folder in anywhere you like the backup folder to be but this tutorial, i am going to save the folder on my desktop


6. I created and named my empty folder "my smf backup"

7. When i double clicked on it (my smf backup folder), it is blank . Showing that no file(s) has been transferred in to.

8. Move to your cpanel files, open the Public_html folder to see all the files you need to backup
Note: you can transfer every files in your cpanel but it is better you take up the necessary one which one can be found inside "public_html"

9. When you opened it , select all the files and Right Click

10. Then "download" . all the files will be transferring to your BACKUP FOLDER.

isn't that easy? :)


1. Don't forget you will need to back up your database as well.  If you can't do this with the cPanel option, you should be able to do it from within cPanel > phpmyadmin.  Select your database name, click Export and save to a file on your computer

2. Just make sure you have Settings > File Type set to BINARY otherwise Filezilla tends to corrupt attachments and avatars.

That is all!!!!  ;)
Dont forget to share, if you have any question post below

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