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Post by: Timi Dapsin on March 12, 2014, 04:39:00 AM
You can now create Free Advert Banners Online at (

At BannerFans website (, you can generate banners which you can use for your "Advertise Here" banners you wont be needing Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw etc. You can also make an advert banner which you can use to promote your blog, website or business on other sites or social networks.

If you would like to create a 160x600 "Advertise here" banner just like the one below.

Follow the below steps
1) Visit Bannerfans website at

2) Click the Layout Tab and select your Banner size

3) Under Preset select 160 x 600 Sky scrapper

4) Click on the Text/ Font tab

5) Delete the text in Line 1 and type Advertise Here, you can change the font size, color and face if you like

6) Delete the text in Line to and replace with your contact details ( No compulsory)

7) Click Update My Banner

Once your banner has been updated, you might notice that the "Advertise Here" is wider than the banner size.
==> Click on the "Text & Fonts" tab
 ==> Delete the "Advertise Here" in "line 1" and replace with "Advertise"
 ==> Delete whatever is in "line 2" and replace with "Here". You can set the font size to "26px"
 ==> You can add your phone number or email to "line 3" if you want to.
 ==> Click "Update my banner"
 ==> Drag the "Advertise" and "Here" to the center of your banner
 ==> Click "Update my banner"
 ==> You can make other adjustments to your banner till you are satisfied. After making changes, always click  "Update my Banner" to view your latest changes.
 ==> Once satisfied, click "Download Banner". Save it to your PC.
 To use it on your Blogger blog,
 ==> Log in to your blog dashboard, click on LAYOUT. Click "Add a gadget" on the sidebar
 ==> Select the "Image" gadget.
 ==> Browse your computer for the image you saved to your PC and upload it
 ==> Enter the URL of the Advertise/contact page of your blog in the  "Link" box
 ==> Click "Save"