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Timi Dapsin
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June 11, 2014, 02:41:42 PM
Great innovation, swimming trunk that cannot get wet when dipped in water ::)
to me this is c 8) 8) l

A quick dip within the pool will sound appealing - till you realise you’ll be left carrying dripping swimwear for the rest of the day.

Now one Toronto-based entrepreneur has come back up with a spread of swim trunks which means you'll avoid deed a path of puddles in your wake.

Inventor, Franky Shaw, has set-up a Kickstarter fund for a swimwear vary that is created from hydrophobic material - a cloth that repels water.

It looks like normal swimwear from the skin, however once it's coated in liquid, the garment instantly repels water.

Created by Toronto-based bourgeois, Franky Shaw, the swim trunks are made of a singular polyester-based hydrophobic material with costs ranging from $47 (£28)
It looks like normal swimwear, however when coated in liquid, the ¿Frank Anthony¿ trunks instantly repels water

It looks like normal swimwear, however once coated in liquid, the ‘Frank Anthony’ trunks instantly repels water

‘We determined to appear at totally different topical applications to be used but shortly realized they modified the texture of the material and had no means of getting used on clothes.

‘We determined to scrap the concept and appearance for the perfect alternative.’

What man Shaw and his team came up with was a polyester-blend hydrophobic nanomaterial technology.

The technology is believed to figure by bonding billions of nanoparticles to individual fibres on a microscopic level.

When water-based liquids hit the surface of this material they then form a 150-degree sphere and rattle off.

The technology works by bonding billions of nanoparticles to individual fibres on a microscopic level. once water-based liquids hit the surface of this material they type a 150-degree sphere and rattle off

¿This cloth has well-tried to drastically cut back dry-times by up to ninety five per cent in distinction to regular one hundred per cent polyester swim shorts, the corporate claims
Hydrophobic nanotech consumer goods has been around for variety of years, however it forever features a restricted life.

For instance, the Silic water-repelling tee shirt, was released last year however will solely maintain its properties for eighty washes.

The ‘Frank Anthony’ swimwear, however, guarantees that its water-resistant skills last for the last-time of the shorts.

The range comes in a very variety of totally different colors and patterns, with trunks ranging from $47 (£28). If the Kickstarter campaign could be a success, man Shaw expects to start shipping in Gregorian calendar month.
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