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Smf Nairaland Frontpage Style...Without Mod

Author Topic: Smf Nairaland Frontpage Style...Without Mod  (Read 6394 times)

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Smf Nairaland Frontpage Style...Without Mod
« on: December 31, 2013, 12:41:03 AM »

Many webmasters would love there Smf forum have Nairaland front page look, I would show you how to get NL featured post without mod
Install Simple Portal Mod : This will integrate your forum for better viewing. dont know how to use or integrate Simple Portal in your forum?, Read Simple Portal Topic on SMF 

1. Log inside your cpanel
2. Open your "File Manager"

3.Open "Theme"

4.Click the name of your Theme (mine is "Core")

5. Locate your  "index.template.php" most themes dont come with there own index.template.php, you can check the default theme for it

6. Right Click and edit

7. A small page will pop-up and then click on "edit"

8. At this Point you have to follow the instructions carefully because any mistake can destroy your forum(Make sure you backup before Proceeding). look for this code and remove it

Code: [Select]
echo '
         <div id="random_news"><h3>', $txt['news'], ':</h3><p>', $context['random_news_line'], '</p></div>';

As shown in the image

9. Then save

Note : After saving, remember to preview your forum before leaving or closing the index.template. So to make sure you didn't make mistakes. Incase your forum fails to open or showing any form of error after editing, Please Press CTRL Z to reverse back all the codes you deleted and then re-save.
Then Post reply below for Help

Now you have successfully remove the "news" that normally appear on the index page ( that is home page). The reason we remove "news" is  because it will cause confusion when adding the featured Posts. The next stage is adding the Featured Post and we will be using Simple Portal.

10. Log inside your Forum Admin Panel and do the following

11. Under "Top Block"

12. Create a new block by Clicking on the small green sign

13. Tick "Forum New"

14. Click "Create Block Type"

15. Inside "Create Block Type"  there are 3 categories like Edit Block, Display Options  and Style Options  and this is what you will do ..

i. Under "Edit Block"  Put any name Under "Name"

ii. Under "Display Options" Tick "Advance Options"  , then Click on "Select Action" and Tick "Forum". The Reason for this, is to make the featured Posts to appear only on the Home Page.

iii. Under "Style Options" tick 1 and 2 . Then click "edit block' to save all the changes.

We have successfully added our featured posts, now time to add contents

16. Still inside your admin panel, do the following

17. It will look like this (if there is any content or post inside the box , please remove it) . Make it Blank!

18. Here Are The Codes i use

Code: [Select]
[center][iurl=][b] >>    << [/b][/iurl][/center]

Code: [Select]
[center][iurl=YOUR POST URL][b] >>  THE TOPIC Title << [/b][/iurl][/center]After putting the first code press your enter key ones to leave a paragraph for the next topic
If you have any question post below ;D

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