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Install SMF 4 Mobile on SMF, To Make It Mobile Friendly

Author Topic: Install SMF 4 Mobile on SMF, To Make It Mobile Friendly  (Read 13481 times)

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Install SMF 4 Mobile on SMF, To Make It Mobile Friendly
« on: December 31, 2013, 01:37:24 AM »

Many Smf Forum Admins are just tired of the way the mobile version of smf looks like, its not mobile friendly atall and 90% of people browsing this days use there mobile to browse.
Well thanks to some wonderful developers that made this special mod to make smf mobile version as friendly as possible.
SMF4MOBILE costs only $20 a year which is peanuts if you compare it to getting a developer to create a mobile site for you. You can find it here http://smf-media.com/
Or take a look at their site and go onto their forum to get an idea of how it works. You can sign in and register on this theme/mod. SMF 4 mobile is automatically selected if the user is on a mobile device .

How to Install SMF 4 Mobile on SMF, To Make It Mobile Friendly.

Firstly you will need to purchase it by going to http://smf-media.com/index.php/buy-now after that

1. Go  to http://smf-media.com/community/index.php?action=media;sa=item;in=7 and download these 2 files SMF4Mobile.zip and SMF4Mobile-mod.zip
2. Then install SMF4Mobile.zip as a theme, this should go down without a hitch
3. Then install SMF4Mobile-mod.zip as a mod
Here is where you will see a few errors if you have used a theme rather than the original theme supplied with SMF.
You may see this Error bellow
Execute Modification   ./Themes/vertex/index.template.php   Test failed
               Add Before   ./Themes/vertex/index.template.php   Test failed
Execute Modification   ./Themes/SMF4Mobile/index.template.php   Test failed
               Add Before   ./Themes/SMF4Mobile/index.template.php   Test failed

4. You don't need to tick anything here just press install and it will work just fine. Once you have done this go to your forum on a smartphone and it should be working. Simple.
That's all :)
Note: If you cannot afford this mod you can try Smf wap2Mod which is free
Checkout Smf4Mobile screenshots below

Ask your Questions below
copied from http://www.topnichez.com

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