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Music And Music Videos / Download Album Joyner Lucas - 508-507-2209 zip
« Last post by Timi Dapsin on June 16, 2017, 07:13:17 AM »

Joyner Lucas drops his second album titled (508)-507-2209

Here is the Standard Track List

1. Ultrasound
2. Lovely
3. FYM
4. Keep it 100
5. Winter blues
6. Just like you
7. Just because
8. Lullaby
9. Way to go (ft. Snoh Aalegra)
10. Look what you made me do (ft. Stefflon Don)
11. We gon be alright
12. Forever
13. I need more
14. Literally
15. I'm Sorry
16. One lonely night

Download Zip
Computer / Technology / One App To Stream Mp3 Downloads Music Seemingly
« Last post by Timi Dapsin on June 02, 2017, 09:46:36 PM »
On the internet nowadays, music fans world-wide has generally increased with so much searches on Mp3 downloads, What if we bring you an easy app that lets you get accross over 40 million songs, with its in house search tool and easy personalization.

Deezer Android APK Download means unlimited music, 100% personalised. Search over 40 million songs from the latest artists, or listen to the latest music from any music genre on our Channels. Whether your personal taste runs to classic rock, pop music, disco songs or heavy metal, you値l find unlimited music to listen to and millions of playlists.

Hurray! You can Now download all your Favorite Bob Marley Songs, All Drake songs etc..

Copied from Waploaded
Music And Music Videos / Download Joyner Lucas - Mask Off Remix (Mask On)
« Last post by Timi Dapsin on May 31, 2017, 03:35:56 PM »

Joyner Lucas is here again with his own remix of Future's Mask off

If this track is any indication, Joyner has some things to get off his chest.

的知 bout to grab niggas by the throat. I知 'bout to crash Lil Yachty痴 boat," he raps on the Metro Boomin-produced cut.  "I知 bout to drag niggas by the coat. Take out your trash, sit it by the door.

He also takes the opportunity to add the line, "And don't you compare me to Logic. Go listen to Sriracha."


Play Audio below

Download Audio

Earlier i wrote a tutorial on How To Make Withdrawals From ATM Without Card Using Verve World App

I will be showing you how to do this using USSD only, Important for phones without internet access.

There are two ways to go about this

1) Using Quickteller's *322*8*Amount#.

*Dial *322*8*Amount#.

*Enter 4 digit pin for verve ecash

2) Using GTbank's *737#

This is only applicable for Gtbank account holders.

*Dial *737#
*Select 8 for next and select cardless withdrawal
*Enter The Amount you want to withdraw
*Click on ok
*Enter the last 4 digit of your Gtbank atm card

Your Gtbank account will be debited immediately with the requested amount, You will receive a Reference number which is about 12 digits example (113466799235)

Next step

*Proceed to any GTB ATM only click on enter..
*Click on GtRescue or GTMoney Input the twelve digit transaction reference number sent to you earlier
*Input your registered phone number
*Input the Amount you requested for
*The ATM will also request for the last four digit of the reference number, input it

Click on withdraw wait to hear the lovely Grrrrr grrrrr sound from the Atm 8)

NOTE: There will be a N50 charge on every withdrawal
This sounds like a joke right  ::) but it's not, You can actually make a withdrawal from an ATM without your ATM card.

This feature has been on for while but people are yet to embrace it, probably because they don't know how it's done.
This feature can be so helpful if you ever forgot your ATM card at home or If you are willing to transfer cash to someone that does not have a Bank Account.

Cardless Withdrawal can be achieved in several ways using either Verve World, Your Bank Mobile Banking app or USSD

I will show you how you can do this using Verve World App.


Interswitch Verve World
Verve World is a neatly designed App by Verve which has the ability to generate Paycode (Used for Cardless withdrawals)

The first step is to download the
Verve World App here

Second step is Registration
Registration is just a two-step process that is easily done using your Quickteller details, add the details of your ATM card on to the Verve World App and proceed.

After a successful registration you can now request a Paycode for Cardless withdrawals

Here is how to generate a paycode
Click on the dropdown and select "Paycode"

Fill the form correctly to generate a Paycode which is a unique one-time code that is valid for 24 hours which can be used to withdraw cash from an ATM machine without a card. The Verve Paycode can also be sent to a loved one or friend to withdraw the preset amount of money from most ATMs in the country.

The Verve World App also gives you the ability to

Take control!
- View all your cards (Verve, Verve eCash, MasterCard, Visa etc.).
- Add new cards to your wallet
- Generate PayCode references for your transactions whenever you need to.
- Enjoy greater financial control with eCash! A safe, secure, non-physical card for speedier payments online. Use it for payments on the go: forget the tedious entry of card numbers as it works with a 4-digit PIN and guarantees even better online success.

You can also generate a POS PIN for payment at eateries and at the mall.

Now the next step is the Cash Withdrawal.
*Proceed to any ATM
*Press any key
*Select Paycode
*Enter the Verve Paycode given to you and Enter Pin

Example of already generated paycode

GTBank ATM has already been used for the experiment, all you need is to follow the below instruction according.

If you look closely at the display above, it gives the instructions on performing Cardless Transactions; that is, using the ATM to withdraw without ATM card. Even though the instruction makes it easier, some ATMs do not spell it out, so just press the 摘NTER button on the keypad twice, and if it does not still bring out the option, then the machine is probably not configured for Cardless Transactions.

The next screen after pressing the 摘NTER key will be self-explanatory as the tag of your selection will include Quickteller.  The Verve World App, Verve Paycode and Quickteller are all products of Interswitch, so they are in one family.

After selecting the Quickteller option, this screen comes up and prompts you to enter the already generated code, then the ATM proceeds to produce the exact amount of cash that was entered when generating the Verve Paycode on the Verve World. Simple as that.

Then wait to hear the lovely Grrrrr grrrrr sound from the Atm 8)

NOTE: There will be a N100 charge on every withdrawal
Nice one, it judges right... just like the Amazon Latest APK version >>
 https:// m.waploaded.com/files/amazon-shopping-v120-f429, it works just fine for every users

General Discussion / cheap pandora charms
« Last post by Oull1985 on May 19, 2017, 04:48:41 AM »
With longer hours of daylight to lift the spirits, it痴 time to flourish and let your story unfold with beautiful new jewelry from Pandora. pandora charms uk痴 Spring Collection captures the beauty of the new season when cherry blossoms blooms and fairy tales begin. From necklaces to earrings to rings, one can definitely explore and enjoy all the signs of new life in spring with Pandora痴 Spring Collection.

Have you seen lately the viral video showing how a pandora charms online is made? What we thought that a Pandora charm is entirely made from hand is actually just a part of a complex manufacturing process. The charm starts as an illustration then it痴 transferred into a digital format. A machine then crafts the base shape, only then a hand starts to manually craft the design. This is where the Pandora art comes in, in the hands of an artist. After this, the charm goes through different levels of polishing, refining, and finishing, resulting in the cute Pandora charm that we know.  Obviously, each Pandora is a work of perfection that no manual hands can replicate. So if you want the genuine article, only buy authentic Pandora charms.

Pandora is not only known to be one of the world's largest luxury jewelry brands. It is also know to share its creativity with people. It enables wearers to customize bracelets and charms to fit their own identity and style. True to its collaborative approach, Pandora once again joined and celebrated New York Fashion Week through a collaboration with celebrated fashion designer - Nanette Lepore. According to Charisse Ford, Chief Market Officer of Pandora, Lepore's penchant for evocative prints and bold, colored pieces works hand in hand with Pandora Jewelry. She added that the marriage of both styles signify self-creation that showcases unique individuals in a day-to-day basis. In the fashion show, Nanette Lepore used stacked ring looks from Pandora's new autumn collection. Also, the designer used .925 sterling bangles as accents for her bold Spring/Summer 2017 collection.pandora charms murano glass now.
Android / ワcretsiz Glge Dvş 2 2017 oynamak
« Last post by mrland on May 18, 2017, 09:00:36 AM »
Shadow Fight 1 bir輟k oyuncu tarafından popler olmuştu ve elbette ikinci versiyon daha cazip. Shadow Fight 2 oyununda karakter glge tasarımı gibi tasarlandı. Oyuncu savaşmak, daha fazla silah kazanmak ve yeni hamle ğrenmek i輅n savaşanlar se軻cektir.

Diğer bir輟k dvş oyunlarından daha yavaş olduğu halde, Shadow Fighting 2, zellikle de kan dşk olduğunda şiddetli savaşı gsteriyor. Ayrıca, Shadow Fight 2 oynamak size renkli bir hikaye yaşama hissi verecektir.

Androind'un gze 軋rpan bazı zellikleriyle geliştirici oyunu Nekki oyunu daha 軻kici hale getirdi:
Arayz, dokunmatik ekranlarda ve 軻kici oyun oynamada optimize edilmiştir
Karakterler, kılı, batsmen, kılı, zırh ve by gibi modern ve 軻şitli silah sistemleri ile donatılmıştır.
Etkileyici dvşe katılın.
Grafik tasarım ger軻k輅 ve keskin.
Daha heyecan verici yeni ayrıntılar.
Yeni silahlar, zırhlar ve yeni byler eklendi.
Karakterinizin gcn g輙endirin
Se軻nekleri ykseltin: Kumanda 輹buğunun ayarlarını değiştirmeye, ayarları denetlemeye, ses ve oyun grafiklerini zelleştirmeye izin ver.
Oyun arabirimindeki bazı ayrıntıları geliştirin.
Oyun performansını optimize edin.
Eski srmdeki bazı hataları dzeltin.
Dşmana saldıracak tekme ve yumruk atmak i輅n elleri kullanalım.
 Şvalye saldırıya uğradığında atla ve hareket et.
Sihirli yeteneklerin, zırhın ve her seviyedeki yeni silahların kilidini aın, heyecan 輟k artar. En iyi dvşe sahip olmak i輅n savaşıların gcn arttırmak i輅n tm silahları kullanalım.
 Yolda olduğunuz her şey gem ve para ile sayılır, bu yzden mmkn olduğunca 輟k para kazanalım. Karakterinizi geliştirmek i輅n mağaza oyununda yeni silahlar ve zırhlar satın almak i輅n kullanmalısınız.

Shadow Fight 2 apk i輅n bazı zellikleri grebilirsiniz:
En son veri: 1.9.29
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 26 Nisan 2017
Tr: Dvş oyunu
Yazar: Nekki
Android 3.0 i輅n kullanma
Se輒in zelliklerin bir輟ğu oyunu daha 軻kici hale getirerek oyunculara farklı hissettiriyor. Oyuncuların sayısı da cihazları i輅n bu oyunu indiriyor, zel olarak tamamen cretsizdir.
 İlgin glge savaşını kaırmak istemiyorsanız, oyunu buradan indirin: http://apksave.com/android-apps-games/action/shadow-fight-2-download
Moncler is really a famous name that is familiar to anybody who loves the mountain tops and simple put on. The Moncler goods are extremely popular all around the globe, especially Cheap Moncler Jackets.
It should be a great news for those moncler fans it has put its new moncler jackets series- Moncler Grenoble Reinswald on sales. We are able to discover the picture on the web now. Consider the picture carefully, we are able to discover that this latest series has retained many options that come with moncler jackets. To start with, they have the rib cuffs and red-white-colored stripe. Wha's more, the company emblem patch was still being stitched on its left arm. Additionally, there's two large zipper pockets around the chest.

This can be a thick lower jacket with adjustable hat, therefore we don't have to doubt its ability of keeping warm. However, the color of the series that has been disclosed is olive eco-friendly only. I am hoping there could be more colours for all of us to select, since i think putting on clothes of the colour makes people look older. I love Moncler because of its vibrant and eye-catching colours.This latest product continues to be placed on sales in restir stores, to get it there. If you would like you buy the car to become simpler, you are able to focus on some Moncler online stores.

Moncler is really a top-level brand within the lower jacket world of fashion. It's a proven fact that moncler jackets are prevailing among many superstars, nearly every superstar in Hollywood owns them? Out of the box expected, they're also very famous some Parts of asia. China for instance, Andy LiuZhao WeiWangFei and a number of other superstars will also be moncler jackets greatest fans. We are able to discover their whereabouts putting on moncler jackets and attending many important occasions. Pointless to state, within the lower jacket world of fashion, there's no second company which could compete with Moncler it has turned into a first rate lower jacket brand.To obtain the news concerning the latest Moncler jackets, Moncler vest,moncler coats Moncler shoes Moncler kids, Moncler sweaters along with other burberry jackets.

Moncler products, you can go to Moncler web store-----www.styletarget.net.
This article is written on benefits of second hand clothes. In Dubai you can find lots of stores where you can find used mens fashion clothing.  Some of these store sell preloved clothes online in Dubai. User can get branded clothes at very cheap price from these store.
Many people usually go for the brand new clothes and would not like shopping the second-hand clothes. But sometimes due to the expensive prices, you will have to stick to the same old styles that you have been trying since years as your budget for buying clothes is really low. In fact, you don’t have to stick to those old styles; you can try new styles even in your own budget. Want to know how? Then you will have to have a look at the second-hand stores.

There are so many Dubai second hand clothes stores where you will be able to find some amazing clothes at the price of your choice. That means, at the price of your budget. There are many benefits of buying these second-hand clothes as well. If you are not convinced that these second clothes shopping can be amazing, then here is the list of benefits that you can enjoy.

Dubai second hand clothes stores are really popular for selling all kinds of pre-loved clothes. The quality of these clothes is going to be good and you will not have any kind of problem with the clothes. All the used clothes are checked well for quality and then placed for sale and that is the reason why they are so popular. So, when you want to shop something big in your own budget, then these stores can be the right choice for you cheap little girl clothes.

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