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Website Review / Gyft Me Out Store - Online fashion Store Detailed Review
« Last post by gyft on June 09, 2019, 07:38:30 PM »
You might wonder why this article on a shopping site? Truth is there are so many shopping websites online, many of them with tons and tons of items, few of them with the right price and others with the right deal. But not all have the right item, the right right or the right deal. You would agree with that too.

Putting that research and information together two friends came together to design an online store that sticks to specifics, so that online shopping lovers might not have to go search for long hours making long list, only to get one item they need.

Gyft Me Out Stores (gmostores.com)is a well thought out site and is growing into one of the top stores online that offers the best products in Fashion Accessories such as Sunglasses, Wrist Watches, Jewelries and Denim clothing.

Why such specifics on gmostores you might ask also? Well there are lots of items to shop from online, nice, affordable and durable. But the time in locating such item is not what many of us have especially those at work or just surfing, and we are not really sure of how efficient the items are, still we'd spend more time reading reviews and checking item picture, taking more time from the time we do not already have. The store id well vetted to selecting the best items for online shoppers who want to get items in the categories mentioned earlier.

Another plus to using the site is the advantage of free shipping to your location. The store has a defined free delivery for each item you purchase, except the buyer wants to make a special delivery request that can be arrange also all the online shopper needs to do is send a mail to gmostores.

Gmostore is designed simply into categories - Men, Women and Unisex category. The categories hold it respective items for the gender it suggests. So finding what suits you will be easy, each Category is also further broken into products from the sites for example Gmostores > Men fashion > Men Glasses. This makes it easier for you to direct your search to a specific. But remember the site deals with fashion accessories such as Sunglasses, Wrist watches, Denim Clothing for both men and women.

Gmostores also has a customer support service for when online shoppers like to connect to make complaints, it would be easier also sending complaints to the stores mail - customerservice@gmostores.com. They reply fast enough.

With the USA as its home base store or target market other countries shop there and leave great review on the well vetted products which are sold for an affordable price only one can imagine, as their tagline says. For payments not to worry the buyers can pay with Paypal or Rave, which accept MasterCard, visa and a few more payment types.

That is just a what i gathered on the new best trending online shop you can find out there in 2019. A site designed and built specifically for fashion lovers and also at affordable prices and ohh! not forgetting the huge bonus of FREE SHIPPING to the buyers location, who wouldn't want that?

Check out the site and as i would always say, do not take my word for it. Visit gmostores and leave your reviews bellow, i will really like to know what you thing from shopping from them also.
Football Fans Worldwide / Re: Eden Hazard Wins EPL Player Of The Month August
« Last post by boluudienvbs on November 22, 2018, 11:11:19 AM »
General Discussion / Re: The Nike Roshe Run “Villain Red” Is Now in Stock
« Last post by Fettoi98 on October 17, 2018, 11:50:17 AM »
It is so good to know about it. I recently bought a Tank Top from here and I am so glad to finally find the shoes as well. Oh! The color is so amazing. It actually turn the heads around. I like being in the lime light at times.
Computer/Tech News / What You need To Know About The New iPhone 9
« Last post by gyft on September 05, 2018, 08:22:45 PM »
- iPhone 9 Come with a 6.1 LED Screen Display
- iPhone 9 might come with a two sim capability.

Apple has always created a very high 'anticipation suspense' when a new device is coming. That same suspense drove you here, and welcome we have most of the gist that will wet your appetite on the coming New iPhone 9.

To begin with the new launch of the device will be on Wednesday, September 12 which is the same date that the iPhone X launched a year ago. The event will be anchored by Tim Cook at last years venue which is The Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park, the company's headquarters.

The New iPhone 9 will most definitely come with a 6.1-inch screen which looks like the iPhone X. But will come with an LCD screen instead of an OLED screen like iPhone X.

The new iPhone 9 is said to have been made with an aluminum frame and could have a 0.5 bezels. It's also said to have a single-lens camera and innards that are more reminiscent of the iPhone 8 than the iPhone X. As far as the rear camera is concerned this mobile has a 12 MP sporting a much larger lens on its rear, which could mean a wider aperture. The iPhone 9 will come with a single lens though instead of the new traditional dual camera trending on new devices.

The new device will be powered by Octa core processor paired with 4 GB RAM. Coming with an On board storage of 64 GB with the option to expand the memory by No, the iPhone 9 is really taking after it younger concepts. The device will be running on 2050 mAh battery, there is also a brief talk about Apple including a fast charger in the box with the iPhone 9 and any other 2018 iPhone models.

Apple will bundle a brand new, custom-built chip on the iPhone 9 which will be called the Apple A12 . The device will include sensors such as Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerator, Barometer, Compass, Gyroscope, fingerprint sensor.

It’s looking increasingly likely that this year’s iPhone will be the first to allow you to insert two SIM cards at a time…but only in a model released in China.

There is also a very powerful rumor stating thats thhe new iPhone 9 might have a second sim courtesy of code discovered in the recent iOS 12 beta which makes reference to a “secondSIM”

For a device having 2 sims have been an ability very popular in the developing world, but although it would be useful in the west as well Economic Daily News reports that it will be a feature that’s exclusive to China.

The code snippets suggest that the feature is definitely coming, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it came to a few more countries.

Already referred to as an "affordable" phone and not a budget phone. The iPhone 9 price tag may be less than what has been expected. According to rumors in the tech market the main price from a renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, he claims the iPhone 9 could cost $600-$700 which would make it cheaper than or maybe the same price as the iPhone 8.
« Last post by Alaboh on February 13, 2018, 10:41:04 AM »
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Alaboh Wilson
Music And Music Videos / Download Album: 2pac Reincarnation Vol 2 Mixtape: By Dax
« Last post by Timi Dapsin on January 20, 2018, 02:10:05 AM »
Some weeks back Dax announced on his social media account that he will drop Mixtape titled 2pac Reincarnation
Well its here

I am finally closing the chapter on remixing 2pac's songs and will be putting out a Mixtape of my 2pac remixes entitled: 2pac Reincarnation Vol.2 As Told By: DAX. It will be truly legendary. It will drop before my project.

United States based Nigerian rapper, Dax remixes some of 2Pac’s greatest songs that he made while in school in Wichita, Kansas

Track list

1.2pac - Hit Em Up (Daxmix)
2.2pac - Changes (Daxmix)
3.2pac - Californi Love (Daxmix)
4.2pac - Picture Me Rolling (Daxmix)
5.2pac - Do For Love (Daxmix)
6.Dax - Mover Shaker
7.2pac - All Eyez On Me (Daxmix)
8.2pac - So Many Tears (Daxmix)
9.2pac - Until The End Of Time (Daxmix)

Sport Gist / Women’s Nike Roshe Run Bliss A Slipper
« Last post by cookdom2323 on January 17, 2018, 07:11:22 AM »
Soudainement, quelqu'un a dit par moi: "l'hiver doit enfin partir, vous n'avez pas vu le printemps d'Odessa?" Je m'allongeai, Andrea se tenait sur le côté, me remettait une tasse de café chaud. Saisissez un café chaud, mon âme quitta peu à peu, "Comment savez-vous que je suis ici?" Je viens de voir ton beau colocataire. " Il a fait un clin d'oeil. Habituellement, Andre a rarement vêtu de vêtements en civil, et aujourd'*, il portait une chemise noire à gros col et un jean, des vêtements ordinaires, ouvrait l'étiquette, on l'estime Fabriqué en Chine, on peut porter sur lui des messages très serrés. Le sous le soleil, son pupille bleue semble être transparent, a pu Air Huarache Run Hommes voir le fond des yeux. Il s'est assis à côté de moi, nous ne parlons pas tous deux, regardant tranquillement la foule lointain. Il y a des gens sur la place pour tirer vers le haut L'accordéon, il y a soixante-dix-sept ans, la vieille chanson, la banlieue de la nuit de Moscou, Katyusha, les fleurs de canneberges ouvertes, tout le monde familier, un à un, la foule lentement rassemblée, la danse des mains. Andrea, enfin je brise le silence, "Êtes-vous occupé?" "Oui, mais la récolte n'est pas géniale." Il m'a regardé, "il peut être en sécurité pour le moment".

André ne l'a pas nommé, mais je savais de qui il parlait. Il m'a spécifiquement informé de l'actualité, c'est de me sentir à l'aise, mais il ne savait pas, j'étais blessé. J'ai souri et j'ai ri, et les muscles de la bouche étaient raides comme si elles étaient gelées. Andre tiré mon Main: "Venez, nous allons sauter à nouveau". Je lui ai doucement cassé les doigts: "Andrea, je vous l'ai dit, désolé, nous ne pouvons être que des amis. Ne veulent pas lui donner de faux espoir, alors retardez un bon jeune homme , C'est la chose immorale. "Les amis sont des amis." Il me tire toujours la main, "tant que vous ne m'évitez pas." "André ... ..." Je suis très dérangé, je dois la dette énorme de quelqu'un d'autre, en New Balance 999 L'avenir me permet de prendre quoi d'aller? "C'est tout à fait ça, vous ne m'aimez pas, mais je ne peux pas m'empêcher de vous aimer. Mei, je tiens à vous dire que vous êtes très beau très bien, les hommes vont facilement tomber amoureux de vous, ne vous niez pas facilement. Mes yeux sont rouges: "Andrea, vous êtes bête!" Il m'a regardé sourire doux Souriez comme le soleil d'hiver, réchauffe mon cœur froid. Ce jour où j'étais déprimé, l'humeur commença à se rétablir progressivement, mais je ne m'attendais vraiment pas à ce que cette femme vienne dans un après-midi à venir.

Elle est avec les enfants ensemble. Je l'ai reconnue d'un seul coup d'œil. Après tout, ressemble à sa belle femme, c'est rare. "Je m'appelle Valeria." Elle parle vraiment un chinois très courant, "ce jour est un malentendu, je veux vous parler". "Je n'ai rien à vous parler". Je ne veux pas qu'elle soit dans la porte. Elle est plus grande que moi, au moins un mètre sept ou cinq, se déplace les mains pour que je ne puisse pas obtenir de rien. Mais elle a refusé d'aller, m'a regardé implorer, gros yeux brumeux, probablement un homme sera touché par elle. Je suis Une femme, vous ne pouvez pas manger cet ensemble, difficile à préparer pour fermer la porte, les yeux pour voir ses mains tenant l'enfant, un petit visage New Balance Homme Boutique 999 Cherry Blossom Pack Lover Verte Gris Blanche blanc dans le vent froid dans le froid, je suis soudainement doux.Les jours de semaine les plus susceptibles de supporter les épreuves de Les enfants âgés, et enfin mettre leur mère et leur mère à venir. Et, du coin de la cuisine, creusé une bouteille de poudre de chocolat, lavée contre la petite tasse d'eau froide, a essayé que la température a été transmise aux enfants. "Oui, dites-le," je me suis assis de loin et était si froid En fait, elle n'a pas bouclé de mauvais mots, je ne veux pas trop, tout cela devrait être la victime.

Elle a étreint l'épaule de son enfant et a hésité longtemps et a commencé son histoire: «Je suis né à l'âge de dix-sept ans, et son père était au chômage, et pendant longtemps je ne pouvais pas trouver un emploi et suis rentré à la maison Trouver ma mère et mon fils.J'ai surpris un moment, immergez-vous immédiatement le corps droit. Donc, l'enfant n'est pas le Soleil Jiaying chair and blood? L'enfant, appelé Ivan, est assis tranquillement sur le canapé et prend un chocolat chaud avec un Les caractéristiques délicates ont hérité de la beauté de la mère, la peau était presque transparente, mais avec des cheveux et des yeux brun foncé. Ce sont ces cheveux noirs qui m'ont fait mal comprendre qu'il était mi-race. "Je n'ai pas Mais à Ivan à la
New Balance Homme Boutique 999 Cherry Blossom Pack Lover Verte Gris Blanche
mère, il y a quatre ans (et les oiseaux) sortaient de chez eux. Je l'ai regardée. Elle était très sensible, a souri et a dit: "Oui, c'est" (et les oiseaux) tête ", vous Les gens chinois l'appellent. Il m'a présenté au soleil, j'ai dit à Sun six mois qu'il était très bon pour moi, mais je suis très malheureux. Il y a beaucoup de Les problèmes ne peuvent pas être résolus ", elle était un peu timide, s'est arrêtée pour s'arrêter", vous savez, il y a des raisons physiques, mais aussi parce que la ville n'a pas mon ami, alors le russe russe, nous ne pouvons pas dire quelques mots à chaque fois Aujourd'*, je suis très seul.
General Discussion / The Nike Roshe Run “Villain Red” Is Now in Stock
« Last post by sdghjn on January 15, 2018, 08:03:16 AM »
The restricted designs are exclusively meant for formal events, and you'll never see anyone wearing a pair of Ralph Lauren at the treadmill. The technology behind the modern sneaker is a bit involved, but it pays to know the differences in designs, especially if you're into running shoes. Shoe construction involves several key aspects, and it pays to be informed so you can properly evaluate designs the next time you visit the shoe shop. The mid-sole and out sole determines traction and comfort. Out-soles provide the first line of Rabatt Nike Internationalist protection for your feet, usually made out of rubber and treaded for better traction. Some out-soles run as a single piece (flex groove), while other designs provide separate lining for the foot's front part and the heel (split heel). The out-sole is either made out of carbon or blown rubber, the former durable but adds significant weight and compromises mobility. Blown rubber is more popular because it's lightweight, and the construction has better cushioning and flexibility for the out-sole.

The mid-sole's material and design determines the overall comfort of the shoe. It's the soft, shock-absorbing layer of the shoe which properly distributes and dissipates the strain of the impact. The two key aspects of the mid-sole involve cushioning and stability. Cushioning materials are placed in proportion to the shoe heel's height; EVA is lightweight and used in designs built for speed, compressed and padded for durability and better stability. Polyurethane readily ensures comfort and stability, but its weight affects mobility. You'll see shoes of different designs using either of these materials as mid-soles. The upper part of the Nike Air Huarache Run Ultra running shoe encases the foot in a comfortable fit. This is usually made out of a variety of materials, some even combining leather with mesh and rubber. The shape of the shell (the last) is usually semi-curved or curved, and some flow as a single straight shape. Your choice depends on the shape of your feet and the curve of its arch. The toe box refers to the front compartment which cuddles the toes.

You should leave about a half inch of allowance between your biggest toe and the front of the shoe, to ensure your feet have enough room to flex during activities. Stability during movement is also enhanced with a plastic or composite heel counter, as well as an Achilles groove built into the collar of the back part. You'll find countless variations of designs which involve these essential features, but it's easier to sort through it all if you consider comfort and mobility your first priority. You can click here if you're still considering designs for your next pair; choose between new and all-time favorite Nike Air Huarache Run Ultra Rosa Weiß Damen Schuhe designs, or order pairs custom-made to the contours of your feet. Your choice can affect your form and posture, so choose a pair that complements speed and mobility with appropriate form. Athlete loves to have a perfect pair of shoes beneath their feet, so that they feel comfortable with them. Without a perfect brand of sports shoes one can say that an athlete is nothing. They play a key role in an individual performance of an athlete as well as team performances.

If the shoes are not up to the expectation of athlete then it will becomes a headache for athletes, so it is the fundamental thing that those pair of shoes must be of best quality and brand. We compiled a list of top 10 sports shoes brands, this guide helps you in finding the perfect brand shoes. Nike is a popular American sports brands, was established in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports and then officially became Nike, Inc. on May 30, 1978. It has become worldwide fame because of its best standard sports with advanced technology.
Nike Air Huarache Run Ultra Rosa Weiß Damen Schuhe
Nike produces a strong range of sports footwear for every sports and in 2008 it announced the Air Jordan XX3, a high performance, comfortable and durable basket shoe designed with keeping the environment in mind. It is the German sports brand which was established in 1948 on the principles of helping athletes to achieve best results out of them. Adidas introduces many kinds of footwear with different styles and qualities. Currently it manufactures various running shoes, such as Stan Smith, AdiZero Rose, Gazelle, Running Clima Regulate, adiSTAR Racer etc.

Young as the Morning Old as the Sea” track listing:
01. Everything
02. If You Go
03. When We Were Young
04. Anywhere
05. Somebody’s Love
06. Young as the Morning Old as the Sea
07. Beautiful Birds (feat. Birdy)
08. The Long Road
09. Fool’s Gold
10. Home
11. Young as the Morning Old as the Sea (Acoustic)
12. Fool’s Gold (Acoustic)
13. Beautiful Birds (Acoustic)
14. Everything (Acoustic)
15. The Long Road (Acoustic)
16. When We Were Young (Acoustic

Download Album Zip
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