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10 Qualities that will make you An Effective Programmer!

Author Topic: 10 Qualities that will make you An Effective Programmer!  (Read 3096 times)

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10 Qualities that will make you An Effective Programmer!
« on: October 02, 2014, 01:55:30 PM »

A great programmer doesn’t necessarily mean to perform excellent coding all the time, but an effective programmer is a combination of several traits who have all the skills, experience and knowledge to reach the top ranks of the profession.
Only technical knowledge is not required In an effective programmer.
Here are the 10 qualities which may define you as one of the most reliable programmers around.
1. Learn new technical as well as non-technical aspects:

 »»Programmers who learn only that much what is necessary can never grow in their career. Proactive learning of new skills – both technical and non-technical – beget good programmers. Effective programmers should have an open mind to all kinds of sources of knowledge.
2. Humility factor:
 »»Humility implies all other attributes and enables them too. For a programmer humility means to understand the programming world doesn’t start or end with you. You should accept that you cannot know everything and there is always a scope to learn. Don’t ever consider yourself as expert in everything which may just stop your learning process and consequently your progress. So keep your ego aside while programming.
3. Intellect:
 »»Always try to understand a problem, analyse it and then express your ideas in clear and readable codes. Intellect comprises analytical and logical mind in case you are a programmer.
4. Be pragmatic:
 »»Don’t follow rules of programming blindly and then only you can produce a working application. So always explore other possibilities while coding, moving out of the traditional rule-book.
5. An eye for detail:
 »»An eye for detail is a necessary requirement for developing any software. Self-documenting, self-testing and paying attention to lots of detail is what you want to become a great programmer. Paying attention to details also means critical thinking which means you need to examine the details of your designs and implementation.
6. Expertise:
 »»A good programmer should have enough knowledge and experience in order to solve any problem of the client in a specific context.
7. Proper research work:
 »»To find out answers, proper research work is required to solve the issues. You need to know the exact way of finding answers and discover root causes of your problems. Don’t waste your time in search engines and learn to perform root cause analysis. Learn about the underlying system to find out solutions.
8. Adaptability:
 »»Change will always be there, you just need to follow them, and get adapted as per your requirements. Software development projects are full of changes from the beginning point to end. So adaptability is highly required to avoid any kind of frustration.
9. Maturity:
 »»A good programmer should be mature enough who knows how to use the best software development principles, practices and skills as per requirements.
 10. Passion:
 »»Love your work, above and all. Don’t look at programming just as your job, but the love of your life. You must be passionate about what you’re doing, you must be excited about your job, the technology you’re using, your organisation, your project and so on.
Source: talkloaded.com


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