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Good day everyone, i hope you're doing great?.

with a computer, 3000 naira in your bet account, a 20 loss calculator martingale and the ULTIMATE GUIDE THAT REVEALS HOW TO cr*ck VIRTUAL FOOTBALL STRATEGIES, you're on your way to making 1000 naira each day just trading for one season (1 hour 30 minutes) on the virtual football league platform.

The reason why people loss in virtual football trading is because they see it as gambling and not as a business.

some even experience great loss coz of greed (trying to make as much money as possible for that day)

some make losses coz they see it as luck (which is very wrong)

with the right tools, discipline, and the right guide, you too can pull out some profit from the bookies

the trick is to decipher the strategy you want to use in trading yourself so that betradar will not spot it quickly, use the 20 loss martingale calculator to protect your bankroll and trade with discipline

i have an ebook guide on how to cr*ck vfl strategies, the tools to trade with and the premium tutorials that'll teach you how to cr*ck vfl strategies to trade with ready on my website if you're interested.

visit www dot vflhacks dot com to see what i mean.... i'll even give away a free strategy and a 4 loss martingale calculator to help you start trading immediately.

to your virtual football trading success

Alaboh Wilson

General Discussion / Re: Virtual football league
« on: December 20, 2016, 01:01:44 AM »
I think afriwap is restricting somethings here therefore, it means that i can't explain much here..  For those who know nothing of virtual football trading, read all about it on Google or type virtual football league on nairaland forum.. Thanks.

Whatsapp me on zero, eight, one, six, eight, nine, eight, three, eight, seven seven.

To your success,


General Discussion / Virtual football league
« on: December 18, 2016, 11:44:53 PM »
How I Make 5k Everyday Trading On VFL

The Virtual Football League Simple Calculator.[/b]

Because right now, the internet is full of different VFL systems or strategies that have one way of the other, went offline. Obviously, this isnít going to help you much if your purpose is winning consistently on the VFL. The Simple VFL Calculator
is to create an exciting income flow.

Why am I telling you this?

Simply to prove to you that I have seen with my own eyes how much money can be brought in using the VFL Simple calculator.

The beautiful thing about this Calculator is that you could use it with any VFLsystem or Strategy and it is also mobile compatible, the VFL Calculator is in form of Excel Spread Sheet and it is very easy to use.

All you have to do is to input the Odd for the match and the target profit you want to win, the Calculator does the calculation and tells you the amount to stake.

This calculator is mainly for those who are tired of buying new VFL systems over and over again or for those who donít have enough money for the VFL software premium subscriptions.

I extended the loss rate of this calculator to 20 losses, so it is a 20 loss calculator.

For instance, thereís no way a team can play up to 10 consecutive games without one or two matches ending in a draw, now the odds for a match to end in a draw is usually 3.0 Odds and aboveÖ isnít that amazing ? (LOL)  ;D

Now with a bankroll of 5000, even if you keep losing your bet, what the calculator does is it ďcalculates the amount youíve lost so far, adds it to your target profit and give you back I.e., even if you lose your 1st to 10 bet, the calculator helps you recover your losses when you finally win the beĒt so itís a WIN WIN. (cool isnít it?).

If you are not yet using the power of the VFL Simple Calculator to rake in Loads of Cash then you are SERIOUSLY being left behind and as youíre one of my loyal readers, I Do Not Want To See That Happen To You.

Itís that Fundamental.

As a bonus for purchasing the VFL simple calculator, i'll give you guys a very important tip so that you will never ever buy a VFL system ever again.

For more information, , email me on aXXXXXXXXXX@XXXil or whatsapp me on 08XXXXX877.

Mind you, this is not a get rich quick scheme
below is a screenshot of how the calculator looks like

to your success,


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