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Computer/Tech News / Re: The Apex Vivo 2020
« on: February 28, 2020, 04:53:31 PM »
What's the battery capacity?

Some weeks back Dax announced on his social media account that he will drop Mixtape titled 2pac Reincarnation
Well its here

I am finally closing the chapter on remixing 2pac's songs and will be putting out a Mixtape of my 2pac remixes entitled: 2pac Reincarnation Vol.2 As Told By: DAX. It will be truly legendary. It will drop before my project.

United States based Nigerian rapper, Dax remixes some of 2Pac’s greatest songs that he made while in school in Wichita, Kansas

Track list

1.2pac - Hit Em Up (Daxmix)
2.2pac - Changes (Daxmix)
3.2pac - Californi Love (Daxmix)
4.2pac - Picture Me Rolling (Daxmix)
5.2pac - Do For Love (Daxmix)
6.Dax - Mover Shaker
7.2pac - All Eyez On Me (Daxmix)
8.2pac - So Many Tears (Daxmix)
9.2pac - Until The End Of Time (Daxmix)



Young as the Morning Old as the Sea” track listing:
01. Everything
02. If You Go
03. When We Were Young
04. Anywhere
05. Somebody’s Love
06. Young as the Morning Old as the Sea
07. Beautiful Birds (feat. Birdy)
08. The Long Road
09. Fool’s Gold
10. Home
11. Young as the Morning Old as the Sea (Acoustic)
12. Fool’s Gold (Acoustic)
13. Beautiful Birds (Acoustic)
14. Everything (Acoustic)
15. The Long Road (Acoustic)
16. When We Were Young (Acoustic

Download Album Zip


Passenger – The Boy Who Cried Wolf

1. Simple Song (03:48)
2. Sweet Louise (03:56)
3. The Boy Who Cried Wolf (03:16)
4. Walls (03:41)
5. Setting Suns (04:17)
6. And I Love Her (02:42)
7. Someday (04:07)
8. In the End (03:04)
9. Thunder and Lightning (01:44)
10. Lanterns (05:01)

.zip]Download Album Zip


Ginny has decided to drop a controversial tune for the end of the year . Talks ranging from the death of Our citizens and Harrasments of the youths, The Government and so on.
He talked about been a victim of SARS saying
I’ve been a victim too many times and I was forced to speak , I’m So pissed and I was forced to Leak

Ginny's Stray bullet song was inspired by Vector’s GUNSHOT

With a Forthcoming EP and Video to the talked about BODY BAG In 2018 here is what Ginny Ends the year with STRAY BULLET. May we not be hit by one.

Produced by Stephkeys, Mixed and mastered By Whixla
Listen and Enjoy


Music And Music Videos / Download Joyner Lucas - Bank Account (Remix)
« on: December 18, 2017, 07:13:09 PM »
Joyner Lucas is here again with an amazing release of Bank Account remix listen and enjoy


Music And Music Videos / Download Joyner Lucas - Gucci Gang Remix Mp3
« on: December 15, 2017, 05:44:12 PM »

Joyner Lucas releases a remix of Lil Pump’s chart topping hit ‘Gucci Gang’. He absolutely kills it but doesn’t leave before firing shots at Pump himself and some other young rappers of today who talk nothing but drugs in their music.

Download Joyner Lucas Gucci Gang Mp3

Music And Music Videos / Zara Larsson So Good Album Download Zip
« on: December 11, 2017, 11:39:57 AM »

So Good is the upcoming second studio album by Swedish singer and songwriter Zara Larsson, and her first to be released internationally. It is scheduled to be released on 17 March 2017, through Epic Records and TEN Music Group.

What They Say

Lush Life

I Would Like

So Good (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)


Only You

Never Forget You
Zara Larsson & MNEK

Sundown (feat. Wizkid)

Don’t Let Me Be Yours

Make That Money Girl

Ain't My Fault

One Mississippi


I Can't Fall in Love Without You

Symphony (feat. Zara Larsson)

Download Album

Music And Music Videos / Download Dua Lipa (Deluxe) Album Zip
« on: December 11, 2017, 11:20:07 AM »

01. Bad Together
02. Last Dance
03. Hotter Than underworld
04. Be The One
05. Want To
06. Blow Your Mind (Mwah)
07. New Love
08. Running
09. Thinking ‘Bout You
10. Room For 2
11. Garden Of Eden
12. Genesis
13. Dreams
14. Room for 2
15. New Love
16. Bad Together
17. Last Dance

Download Album


By default there is no way you can know if you have been blocked on Kik, Because when blocked your messages still shows 'D' meaning it delivered.. Unfortunately they will never get to read your message because they will never see it.

Well there is a way around this.

If a message you have sent for a very long time fails to change to 'R' (meaning Read) there is a huge possibility that you have been blocked.
To confirm this, try starting a group with the person. If you get an error message saying "You cannot start a group with people you’re not chatting with." i'm sorry you have been blocked.

Computer / Technology / How To Backup And Restore Kik Messages
« on: October 11, 2017, 02:26:27 PM »

It's no news that Kik messenger does not save previous conversations, the moment you log out or you are logged out.. All your previous conversation on the messenger will be removed forerver.
This has been an issue for a very long time, Kik users have been complaining of their inability to backup their Chats.

Well there might just be a way out.

This might be stressful but its very effective. All you have to do is take screen shots of your conversations or better still record your mobile screen. This feature is available in virtually all the new phones out there.

GT Recovery is an app allows you to retrieve Kik messages to your Kik app. Before you install this software, you need to root your Android phone to ensure the steps can go smoothly.

1. Search “GT Recovery” in Google Play, choose “GT Recovery- Undelete, Restore” to install.
2. Open the app and select “Recover Kik” from “Recover File” to start scanning.
3. Retrieve the recoverable Kik messages once the scanning finished.

Kik will “auto-save” the last 600 of your messages in a conversation for at most 48 hours and 200 of your messages that exist for more than two days. Here the messages mean both sent messages and received messages. If this doesn’t satisfy your need, you can try the second way.

This is a way that can backup your Kik messages from Android to computer and no root is required.

1.Run this software, connect your Android phone to PC, and enable the USB debugging.

2. Push the “Back up my data” button without entering password and click “OK” to continue, then view the Kik messages on this software.

3.Right click your Android in Devices list and then choose “Backup Messages” to a destination on your computer. This will backup all your Kik messages.

1. This software will backup only Kik messages on your Android phone.
2. Skip the second step if your Android is rooted.
3. In the third step, if you don’t need to backup all the Kik messages, you can right click the specific contact and choose ”Backup Messages with this Contact”.


Music And Music Videos / Download Album Joyner Lucas - Along Came Joyner zip
« on: September 29, 2017, 04:35:30 PM »

Joyner Lucas first album titled Along Came Joyner

Here are the Standard Track List

1.Intro (Skit)
3.That's OK
4.Long Way
5.Get In (Skit)
6.Riding Solo
7.Opposites Attract
8.WWJD (Skit)
10.Half guy
11.She Knows
12.Shooting Star
13.Look Around Me
14.Beluxia (Skit)
15.She Don't Need Me
16.Bonfire (Skit)
17.Ross Capachioni
18.Rock Bottom
19.Don't Shoot
20.The Feeling (Interlude)
21.All Over

Download Zip

Some people make horrible decisions, others are just bad presidents, a few are bloodthirsty, many are extremists, a couple are warmongers, and all of these guys are a mix. Ten of our political leaders in the last 130 years have been the architects of the most horrific genocides, systematic murders, blockades, brutal wars, and policy reforms history has ever recorded.

Where to begin? Maybe an icebreaker for you next dinner party? Did you know the word “genocide” was coined in 1943 to describe when the Armenians were slaughtered haphazardly by Turkish leader Ismail Enver? Until then there was no specific word for it in our language. It makes me think about how much more cognizant we’ve become in this last century to these events. So, a quick toast between you and I to a more peaceable future where less of what follows below is allowed to happen. Sit back, but don’t relax.

10. Yakubu Gowon (1.1 million deaths)

Breakdown: 1 million civilians on the wrong side of a blockade caused by a war of secession in Nigeria and 100,000 soldiers who di*d in that war.

It starts as many sad stories do with precious beautiful oil. It had been found in the Niger delta where tensions were already high between the Eastern region (led by Ojukwu) and the rest of the country (governed by Yakubu). A dummy agreement was signed between them called the “Aburi Accord”, but it meant nothing to either leader. Yakubu started to put pressure on the region, and tested how much sway he had in the area versus Ojukwu. Well Ojukwu being no slouch declared secession from the rest of Nigeria and became the “Republic of Biafra”. This began a war that caused the deaths of 100,000 soldiers, and much worse, a blockade on the region which starved 1 million civilians.

9. Mengistu Haile Mariam (400,000 – 1.5 million deaths)

Breakdown: As president of Ethiopia and colonel of “the Derg” (communist militia) Mengitsu systematically killed those against him in the “Red Terror” campaign.

Mengistu Haile Mariam is (as in still alive) a politician who presided over Ethiopia from 1974 to 1991. The way he got into power was by smothering the previous president Haile Selassie although he has denied those rumors. His biggest claim to fame is the Ethiopian Red Terror which was a campaign of repression led by the Derg (communist militia in Ethiopia).

In his introductory speech Mengitsu yelled, “Death to counterrevolutionaries! Death to the EPRP!” Then he took three bottles filled with blood and threw them to the ground.

It was an auspicious beginning to say the least. Thousands were killed and found d*ad on the streets in the years that followed. Much of the murdering can be attributed to the friendly neighborhood watch there known as “Kebeles”. As if killing innocents wasn’t enough they would then charge the family a tax to return the d*ad body to them. The tax was aptly named “the wasted bullet”! Are you serious Mengitsu? However there was an even more gruesome fate of being left on the street where wild hyenas would fight over the d*ad. The campaign has been described as one of the worst mass murders ever in Africa. Mengitsu is even known to have garroted people to death.

8. Kim Il Sung (1.6 million deaths)

Breakdown: Unpopular among his people Kim used the U.S. as a scapegoat and forced the country to believe in his delusion or else.

Before our very own Kim Jong-Il was his murderous father Kim Il Sung who led North Korea in a terrible direction. He fought for a command economy that allowed the government to make all decisions for the country. For various reasons the people never seemed to love the man, and so his hold on power was tenuous at best. Like most crazies he blamed somebody else, in this case the USA, and said they had spread disease throughout its population. He also pulled a Stalin, and had large-scale purges. His underlying reason was that it would scare people into believing he was telling the truth. Kim’s purge was a little different than Stalin’s though in that there were no trials. During his tenure prison camps sprung up all over the country to contain the ever growing masses of people against Kim Il Sung.

7. Pol Pot (1.7 million deaths)

Breakdown: Forced city folk to relocate to farms and forced them into hard labor.

Pol Pot was the leader of the communist movement in Cambodia. He attempted to “cleanse” the country and it resulted in the death of an estimated 1.7 to 2.5 million people. There was an interesting policy going around called agrarian collectivization which he put into practice in the late 1970’s. Basically it forced city folk to head out to the farms to do some labor and vice versa for farmers. As you might guess, and hindsight is 20/20, neither group was very good at their new jobs. Pol didn’t stop at enslaving his own people though. He also didn’t feed them well, gave them little medical care, and executed many of them. The net result was killing off approximately 1/5 of the Cambodian population!

6. Ismail Enver Pasha (2.5 million deaths)

Breakdown: 1,200,000 Armenians (1915) + 350,000 Greek Pontians and 480,000 Anatolian Greeks (1916-22) + 500,000 Assyrians (1915-20)

He began his career as a Turkish military officer and leader in the Young Turk revolution. Eventually he rose to power and led the Ottoman Empire in both Balkan Wars and World War I. As a war minister Enver was not very useful, and was defeated over and over. His crushing loss at the Battle of Sarikamish needed a scapegoat, and that’s when he decided to blame Armenians for the failure. That is what began what is now known as the Armenian Genocide. The word “genocide” was coined to describe this event.

Etymology from Wikipedia:
Coined in 1943 by Raphael Lemkin (1900–1959), a Polish–Jewish legal scholar, to describe what the Turkish government (ca 1915–18) perpetrated against the Armenian people, now called the Armenian Genocide. From the stem of Ancient Greek (génos), “race, kind” or Latin “tribe, clan” (-cide).

5. Hideki Tojo (5 million deaths)

Breakdown: Waged unprovoked wars against China, USA, Netherlands, and France.

Hideki Tojo was a general in the Imperial Japanese Army. He assumed the position of Prime Minister and held Army Minister concurrently. As if that wasn’t enough he also held other major positions like Home Minister, Foreign Minister, Education Minister, and Commerce Minister. His major contributions to education were teaching militaristic and nationalist indoctrination. His version of homeland security was approving eugenics measures which essentially made a distinction between pure blood and mixed blood Japanese families.

During World War II Tojo started winning battles and the public loved him for it. He really bought into the (((Word Blocked))) Kool-aid, and held steadfastly with Germany. When the tide turned, and he began losing, it was devastating. Eventually he went into seclusion. He was tried for war crimes and found guilty of waging wars of aggression, wars in violation of international law, and waging unprovoked war against many countries. Not to mention ordering, authorizing, and permitting inhumane treatment of Prisoners of War.

4. Leopold II of Belgium (2-15 million deaths)

Breakdown: Created a colony called the “Congo Free State”, enslaved its people, and forced them into labor plants.

Leopold II was the King of the Belgians, and believed in colonialism. He thought acquiring colonies overseas was essential to a great country and was always scheming. The problem was Belgium really didn’t care, and so Leopold went into business for himself. He started a company that seemed like it was doing good called the International African Society. A year later he used that company to travel to Congo, laid claim to a plot of land 14 times the size of Belgium, and made 14 countries agree (USA included) that he was free to rule it with his own private militia. He then forced the indigenous populations into forced labor, created a bustling rubber industry, and abused his workers grievously.

Missionary John Harris on returning from Congo said:
“I have just returned from a journey inland to the village of Insongo Mboyo. The abject misery and utter abandon is positively indescribable.”

Estimates of the death toll range from two to fifteen million which could all have been avoided if 14 countries didn’t hand him the keys to the car!

3. Adolf Hitler (17 million deaths)

Breakdown: Concentration camps and civilians in WWII.

Adolf Hitler was the leader of the (((Word Blocked))) Party. He was the absolute dictator of Germany from 1934 to 1945. He gained support by promoting values like German nationalism and anti-semitism. Hitler was appointed chancellor in 1933 and began the Third Reich. Hitler was power hungry as all underworld, hated the (((Word Blocked))) out of Jews (and others), and wanted hegemony in Europe. The militarization that was needed to complete such a lofty goal led to the outbreak of World War II. (((Word Blocked))) forces engaged in the systematic murder of as many as 17 million civilians, an estimated six million of whom were Jews, and 1.5 million Romanis.

2. Jozef Stalin (23 million deaths)

Breakdown: The great purges and Ukraine’s famine.

Jozef Stalin was the first Secretary of the Communist Party from 1922 – 1953. After Lenin’s death in 1924, he became the leader of the Soviet Union. Stalin didn’t take long in launching a new economy that screwed up food production across the country so bad it caused massive famine. Between 1922-23 it reached such catastrophic proportions everything went to (((Word Blocked))). In Ukraine this dark period is known as Holodomor. Its widely believed that Soviet policies caused the famine there and was designed as an attack on Ukrainian nationalism. Estimates on the total number of casualties within Soviet Ukraine range from 2.6 million to 10 million! During the late 1930s Stalin launched another wonderfully titled initiative called the Great Purge (also known as the “Great Terror”). It was a paranoid campaign to kill off the people who opposed him, and his targets were often executed.

In 1939 Stalin agreed to a non-aggression pact with the Nazis. Eventually Germany violated the pact, the Soviet Union joined the allies, and they racked up 23.9 million deaths (the largest death toll in the war).

1. Mao Zedong (49-78 million deaths)

Breakdown: Policy reforms like the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution.

Mao Zedong was a Chinese revolutionary, political theorist, and communist leader who led the People’s Republic of China. Mao, while controversial, is still widely considered a savior of the nation. I did a semester abroad in China in 2001 after falling in love with its history, and was surprised in my conversations that many people thought Mao had done 70% – 80% good things. During his first five years from 1949 – 53 he is said to have systematically killed between 4 to 6 million people by sentencing them to die or by sending them to “reform through labor” camps. He organized mass repressions, established execution quotas, and defended his actions in these early years as necessary for securing power for “The People’s Republic of China”.

His social programs the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution are two of the most ill-fated, poorly named, initiatives ever. The first was an effort to rapidly industrialize China. His focus was on making China a premier exporter of steel, and to this end he asked everybody to make it. The problem was it got many citizens to make smelting shops in their backyards. Not only was the steel of little value, but it was made from everything lying around the house including their own cooking supplies! Without the tools to make food, no money coming in from the steel, and no money to survive ~ a lot of people starved to death. The estimates on this program alone are 20 million deaths! Think about that number. Really think about it. Then ask yourself… why would you EVER let someone back into power after such an insanely bad decision.Well, they took the reigns away from him for a short time.

In the interim Mao started the socialist education movement. He aimed the concept at young ones who would eventually wrest the power away from the older guard. By 1964 this movement was renamed the “four cleanups movement” whose goal was cleansing politics, economics, ideas, and organization of “reactionaries”. This led to the formation of the “Red Guards” who were organized to punish intellectuals and take out Mao’s political adversaries. The Cultural Revolution was now underway, and its overriding mission was to abolish: Old Customs, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Ideas. Something Mao fervently believed in was that destruction and chaos could bring re-birth. So he told his followers to destroy buildings, sacred objects, talk back to ones elders, punish them, turn them in, and kill those who did not agree. By 1968 things were starting to look pretty good for Mao all over again, and so he put into place the decade long “Down to the Countryside Movement” which forced young intellectuals to move out to the country to become farmers. Sadly, the people he pushed out there were the same Red Guards who had helped him get power. Estimates of the death toll are between 40,000 – 7 million depending on who you ask.

Finally, there is the 100 flowers movement which just needs an abbreviated mention here. Mao asked people to come forth and tell him how he should govern China. Intellectuals and liberals bit at the chance to tell him what they really thought, and were encouraged by the Communist party to do so. Then in a sudden change of heart, or an incredibly crafty mission to out his haters, the government persecuted 500,000 of them who were considered to be “dangerous thinkers”.

Mao is essentially like that girlfriend/boyfriend who keeps on taking a (((Word Blocked))) on you, but is so * charming you hardly notice. His policies and political purges from 1949 to 1976 caused the deaths of 49 to 78 million people.

SMF / Re: Please How can I register my domain name with godaddy
« on: August 07, 2017, 01:37:33 AM »
Please I want someone to teach me how to register my blog with Godaddy.
Which country are you currently in?

It might sound scary right? While to some it's nothing but just an ordinary website.
Well i might leave you to decide that yourself.

There are many disturbing and creepy websites on the internet, when you visit, it scares the underworld out of you. These horrifying websites are so dreadful, that it sends shivers down your spine, no matter how strong of a horror fan you maybe. These sites will be hard to digest, once you go into the depth of these horrifying websites. Hence a strict warning, that you should never ever visit these horrifying websites, for your well being.

Many of these horrifying websites founders have fallen into legal problems over the content, which is shared.
These sites ranges from online games to serial killers blogs.

Here are Top Horrifying Websites You Should Never Visit

15. Cryptomundo

This site documents their encounters or attempts to hunt down creatures like Chupacabras, Bigfoot, and an array of lake monsters and sea serpents. A very spooky site where they describe some very believable sightings of these creatures in locations all over the world, which leaves you answerless, whether there is any truth to the conspiracy theories behind their existence.

14. Hashima Island

It is a site where you travel around the forgotten world of Hashima, a deserted, creepy and abandoned island on the coast of Japan, which has a dark history, with its peak population in 1959 with 5,259 people occupying the island. In 1974,  the coal mines were closed and all the residents departed leaving the island abandoned and has since been known as “the ghost island of Japan.” On the site, you will see everything from the “stairway to underworld” to the actual coal mines and all of it looks so real giving a very creepy feeling.

13. White Enamel

This is a game site, which is certainly not for the weak-hearted, where you are made to go around an abandoned insane asylum and the game’s uncanny soundtrack of an old man singing will certainly startle you.This game is so terrifying that players often mistake the footage of the asylum as being real. Some even feel as if they are watching a horror movie. It can shockingly affect the weak-hearted. So, never ever play this game.

12. Plane Crash Info

A very heartbreaking site on this list, which provides access to accident stats, reports, maps, photos, and last words of plane crash victims, actual audio depicting the plane’s final moments in the air, the pilot’s orders, passengers’ final words, and the devastating moments the plane actually crashes below. This is really heavy and an emotional crash to deal with, for a normal person, to witness something so devastating.

11. Bestgore

The founder of this site Mark Marek was thrown in jail because this site was so controversial and disturbing. This is actually a shock site whose aim is inflicting shock to its users, with the most disturbing videos of beheadings and dismemberment. These are violent real-life news, photos, and videos, which is a disturbingly real depiction of the horrors happening around the world. Better to stay away than regret.

10. Death Map

This site shows you every death occurring in the world at any given time you log on, red dots will start appearing on whichever country has just had a death. Along with this, there are green dots are also popping up to show all the births that are happening in the world. Hence, you witness the population ratio of the world balancing. With the death, a symbol pops up to present the person’s religion, like a cross for a Christian. Strongly advise never ever to visit this site.

9. Death Date

This site tells someone the exact date they are going to die. If you want to know when you are gonna die, then a detail of personal information has to be submitted. A date will be provided and repeated reminders will be given on time left for death to arrive. Exact prediction of death is done or not, but it’s a very unhealthy site, which engulfs a person in negative thoughts about his own death. One of the most horrifying websites never ever visit.

8. Bongcheon-Dong Ghost

It’s an online comic that you should never ever Google search, especially late at night. One of the scariest webcomic on the internet, which is very disturbing. The entire text is in Korean and the illustrations are so graphic and clear that the language barrier doesn’t take away any of the comic’s scariness. The comic strip begins with a girl walking on a deserted street alone when she sees a strange-looking man in the distance, and from here on, things don’t get any less eerie. Bongcheon was originally the title of an extremely impoverished area of Seoul, South Korea.

7. The Fifth Nail Exposed

One of the horrifying websites which are completely based on one man’s life as a convicted serial killer and violent sexual predator. It contains content from the criminal himself Joseph E. Duncan III, who began his crimes in the ’70s and is now still in jail, he sends handwritten content to the creepy guy running the blog. It is extremely disturbing where one can get a clear insight into the mind and actions of a dangerous serial killer. Don’t visit this site alone.

6. Death Row Information

This site provides all types of death row information available from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. It includes exact details of all death row-related, including accounts of past executions and the final words of criminals just before they were executed. You can also see people who are currently on death row, their case history and the waiting list for their execution. Basically, it’s a calendar highlighted with all the upcoming executions.

5. Joy of Satan

This site is dedicated to the religion Satanism. This site was founded in 1966 by people having ideological and philosophical beliefs based on Satan. They focus mostly on teens and children rigging them with their beliefs, origins, details about Lucifer, and even how to become a Satanist and join the underworld’s army. Everybody has the freedom to believe, but kids should never ever believe something so Satanic.

4. Darwin Time

One of the horrifying websites consisting a compilation of all the conspiracy theories including 9/11, Hitler, and even Woodstock.  This site is extremely messy and disorganized with very gruesome images, writings all laid out haywire on top of each other, thousands of hyperlinks cluttered randomly and all seem to work. A Twitter account associated with this website had to shut down because of its weird and creepy content.

3. Skyway Bridge

This website has the tracking of all the suicides which took place from the 4th most popular bridge the Sunshine Skyway Bridge located on the West Coast of Florida, USA. This site shows you all the tragic deaths, the detail of people who leaped to their death. By clicking on this site you can see the entire history of this ill-fated bridge suicides. Strongly recommend never ever to visit this site.

2. Human Leather

Human Leather is a British sales website that sells products which have been manufactured from human skin, which resemble almost like leather. The skin comes from people who have entrusted it to the site, prior to their death. They manufacture shoe, wallets, and bags from human skin. Belts have the highest demand and sales. This is the creepiest site, which you should never ever visit if you don’t wish these products to haunt you mentally, for weeks.

1. A Columbine Site

This website documented the tragic shootings that took place at Columbine High School, 20 years ago in  Colorado on 20th, April 1999. It was a highly planned attack by two senior students, where 12 were d*ad and 21 left injured. This site gives actual descriptions of the mass murder, a video footage of the murderers and the exact route they took to school to perform their madness, who later committed suicide. Visit at your own risk.

Remain Safe!

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