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Google Teaches How To Vote For US Elections

Author Topic: Google Teaches How To Vote For US Elections  (Read 5847 times)

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Google Teaches How To Vote For US Elections
« on: August 17, 2016, 01:02:16 PM »

Google has rolled out a new, state-specific guide on how to vote for anyone who searches "how to vote" or other related queries. Google breaks down the voting process in your state, complete with information on early voting, mail-in ballots, requirements and deadlines. They also include a drop-down menu that allows you to toggle among states.

The new guides will appear in Google search results, and include tabs across the top that let you browse through the “how to” info, requirements, and details on when to vote. This will show you both the early voting dates, as well as the poll hours on Election Day. This section also links you to information on how to get registered. However, Google does not have your individual street address, so it can’t direct you to your exact polling place.

This new feature is to help reduce excuses on how to vote and ways to make it easier for people to vote. Google is making the data behind its "how to vote" and "voter registration" searches available to the public, "so nonprofits and organizations promoting voter education can benefit and expand the reach of this critical information," the company says. Apply for access right here.

The feature follows a previous update aimed at educating users about voter registration. But while that feature pointed to voter registration deadlines as well as places to register online, the latest update provides information people may need on voting day.

With the update, when you search for "how to vote," or a similar query, Google will serve up detailed information about what you will need in order to vote in your state on election day. This includes when you can vote and whether or not you will need to show an I.D. to vote.

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