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Marcos Reus Named FIFA17 Cover Vote Winner

Author Topic: Marcos Reus Named FIFA17 Cover Vote Winner  (Read 2576 times)

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Marcos Reus Named FIFA17 Cover Vote Winner
« on: July 21, 2016, 09:53:48 PM »

Marcos Reus ha been announced the winner of FIFA17 cover vote, he will now be having his picture featured as FIFA17 cover.


EA Sport posted few minutes ago on there website

The FIFA 17 Global Cover Vote Winner, Marco Reus is the definition of a technically proficient footballer. Strong with either foot, lethal from a d*ad ball, and with a knack for scoring important goals, the German international has featured in the Bundesliga Team of the Year four times and is the heart and soul of his hometown club.

Alot of fans could have expected either Anthony Martial or Eden Hazard to win the Cover Vote but they were surprised to see non of them emerging winners.

A united fans weren't pleased with the results, they went to tweeter to poor out their minds.

Here are the best reactions

Some threatened to revolt
@EASPORTSFIFA No, either a revote or a revolt. We need Martial in it. @ManUtd

— Inept (@knlutd) July 21, 2016

Others claimed it was fixed
@woodyinho @EASPORTSFIFA FIXED. Poor man’s Martial.

— Mhki (@Man_United_Man_) July 21, 2016

How the Fvck is Reus on the cover of FIFA 17? Thought it was between Martial and Hazard. Rigged.

Some believe if he was an Arsenal player he’d have won
If Martial ws an Arsenal player, he’d be on the cover of FIFA17, MAXIM, TIME, Trumps presidential poster, statue of liberty and Eiffel tower

— Jaydeep (@JonesOnCorners) July 21, 2016

Others reckon it’s literally just because he plays for United
If Martial was a Dortmund player and played exactly the same as he did at Dortmund he would’ve gotten the cover. United are hated, I LOVE IT

— James (@ExceptionalJose) July 21, 2016

This guy wasn’t happy with the selection of Reus
Lol Reus over Martial for FIFA cover? you’re having a laugh. Reus is sick but an injury merchant.

— Shiva Singh (@MajesticBrownie) July 21, 2016

And this dude clearly knows what actually happened
Arsenal fans voted for Reus imo. If Hazard was not in it, their votes would have been divided and Martial would have won. Fvck them.

— RS (@MartialAce) July 21, 2016

In other words congratulations Reus

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