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Title: Football Manager 2015 New Features
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Click here to download Football Manager 2015 (*ck-(download)/msg1267/#msg1267)

The complete list of all the new and improved FM15 features. The most realistic, in-depth and immersive version to date.


Sports Interactive have confirmed only a handful of facts regarding Football Manager 2015 so far, most important one being that FM15 will be released in November. In previous years we used to have the announcement revealing at least the key new features of the next FM version during July or August. This time, Miles Jacobson announced in late May that we won't have any information on FM15 til October.

SI had been busy though, not only with the next FM but with another exciting project as well: The Football Manager Documentary. Featuring contributions from some of FM's creators and famous fans from the worlds of football and entertainment, "An Alternative Reality: The FM Documentary" will examine the game's enduring appeal and how it has seeped into and influenced the culture of the world's favorite game and is made by Film Nova, one of Britain's leading independent sports producers.

FM Documentary is a 70 mins movie that will be screened in cinemas around UK (and in selected places around EU) for the first time on Tuesday, October 7th. The FM15 new features video, out on that day (after the documentary at cinemas & on Twitch) is a whopping 27 mins.

Significant FM 2015 highlights:

    Twitch integration - confirmed
    Voice chat and video to come in further patches - confirmed
    In-depth managerial style when starting new save - speculation
    Largest database ever including over 600.000 players and staff - confirmed
    An improved 3D Match Engine - speculation
    More realistic transfers and contracts - speculation
    An enhanced user interface - speculation
    Evolution for default logos - speculation

Other features we can expect

    Steam cloud-save technology
    In-Game Editor as paid download
    Steam Workshop integration

Timeline of FM15 information And now a list of confirmed facts which were revealed in various dates.
 October 6
  September 28
  September 25
  September 13
  September 12
  August 29
  August 7
  July 27
  February 7
 3,399 features voted through; 1,723 need estimates; around 1,000 will be implemented