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What you need to know about perfect picture editing

Author Topic: What you need to know about perfect picture editing  (Read 1692 times)

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What you need to know about perfect picture editing
« on: December 08, 2014, 12:59:54 AM »

Well this might sound a little awkward "PICTURE EDITING" Hun, well Iím a photographer and a lover of picture and virtually all my pictures undergo surgery before coming online, well that started early this year...just in case you see the ugly ones. Ok, well thanks to the innovation of smartphones and their cameras (smart cams) everyone could get a very good quality shot. Well forget the uniqueness, just a shot and that's where the almighty friend comes in. "Photo Editing", we got lots of app for that, to name a few:  befunky, Photoshop express (mobile edition)...And some confusing ones can't remember their name now, plus those I donít even know exist, you know them. Most smartphones comes with their editors, but they are not as cool as the apps you would have to look for and install. To help get clearer and better edits, when taking the picture try not to some, if possible move closer. And if you must zoom do not zoom too much so you still get a good quality shot, you could crop, helps most times.
          I still wonder why people would upload very annoying pictures that could be made awesome with just a little edit, and also why people would over do the edit and post, tsk don't know what Iím going to call it. But leave that for that...the change is here. If youíre reading this and you using a smartphone, itís expected you to download the app/s i mentioned earlier. They are cool and easy to use. And if you don't understand and need help hala me here delino.ndu@gmail.com [nofollow], Iíll try to reply you ASAP. And please remember, don't overdo it, just keep it low, sweet and awesome. At this point I think I should run a tutorial on take personal pictures here, what do you think?
Check this out, shot and edited by my smart phone:


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