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Locally Made Solar Lamps made from 'Bikes part' changing Lives in Mali

Author Topic: Locally Made Solar Lamps made from 'Bikes part' changing Lives in Mali  (Read 1597 times)

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CINZANA (AFP) – Mobile solar-powered streetlamps made up of recent bicycle elements are reworking lives in Mali, wherever villagers typically work by night to escape the warmth despite ninety per cent having no mains electricity.

The project is that the product of Italian designer Matteo Ferroni, who visited the Segou region, 235 kilometres (150 miles) northeast of national capital, in 2010 and noticed  the locals were in the main sleeping throughout the searing day and obtaining up within the evening to figure.

“Soon I realized however vital is already dark in a very community at home with glimmering flashlights and moonlight,” he says on his web site.

Some of these flashlights, he noted, were fossil fuel lamps that — with the exception of being dangerous to figure with — give a unsteady light-weight which could be inadequate for the work of a butcher or a garmentmaker.

It was then that he hit on the concept of a straightforward, mobile various product of a recycled metal pole, support a chargeable LED lighting unit ANd hooked up to an recent wheel that may be affected simply from place to position as required.

Today his invention, named by locals as “Foroba Yelen”, which implies “collective light” within the Bambara language, has reworked lives within the 72-village rural commune of Cinzana, where 35,000 individuals live.

Alou Coulibaly, United Nations agency visited book one among the streetlamps for the sacrament of his newborn lady, had nothing however praise for the initiative, telling AFP it had improved the lives of poor villagers United Nations agency couldn't afford a generator or the fuel to run one.

The project began in 2011 once Ferroni created the primary paradigm from AN recent bike.

“Since then I even have worked with native craftsmen to develop its details in order that it may be replicated anyplace in Mali. The diode unit was developed with the experience of lighting engineers in European nation,” he said.

Ferroni came to Mali along with his paradigm, planning the primary mobile lamp in Segou and taking it to Sanogola, one among the commune’s villages, in 2011.

He place locals in grips with country foundation antelope, that supports initiatives within the field of design for property development and provided workshops teaching youngsters a way to replicate the lamps.

Amadou Sidibe, a craftsman based mostly in Segou, makes the most body of the lamp from recent bicycle elements whereas Aboubacar Dagnon, a tea producer, makes the housing for the diode bulbs from recycled Al kitchen utensil.

- Electricity outages -
“The tool, designed to be factory-made by native craftsmen, entered into work, social life and cults of a community… at this time a lot of then ninety lamps have contact seventeen villages and 3 health centres,” Ferroni said.

People visit the house of Issouf Dagnon, a resident of Cinzana, to charge the lamps’ batteries or book a unit for 250 francs ($0.52, 0.40 euros) per night, with the fee going towards maintenance.

Each village taking advantage of the theme gets a collection of 4 street lamps and a 50-watt solar battery at a complete price of five hundred euros ($685), supported by antelope.street-light

Today Foroba Yelen is meeting the wants of diverse tiny businesses however is additionally getting used at funerals and births at Cinzana’s community clinic.

While villagers like Alou Coulibaly need them solely sometimes, others, like potter Djeneba Djoni ar golf stroke the lamps to regular use.

“We worked before by the sunshine of the moon and with a torch hooked up to our heads, like hunters,” he said.
Mali, a rustic of over sixteen million individuals, has been infested in recent years by chronic electricity outages.

The government reported  on Wed that the country had managed to produce simply forty five % of its electricity demand last year.

The administration in national capital says Mali’s EDM-SA energy company — common fraction owned  by the state and a 3rd owned  by a subsidiary of the title Khan cluster — is in crisis, failing to make sure AN adequate offer despite state subsidies price eighty seven.7 million euros ($120 million) in 2013.


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