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China Joins the Search for Missing School Girls

Author Topic: China Joins the Search for Missing School Girls  (Read 1794 times)

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China Joins the Search for Missing School Girls
« on: May 08, 2014, 10:07:57 AM »

China has Vowed to help Nigeria in the search of the missing Chibok School Girls..
Other Countries like United States, Britain and France are also said to be in search for the missing Girls

China has promised to assist Nigeria in the fight against terror, especially in the search to rescue the girls that were taken away from a secondary school

The response of Jonathan's government has been criticized as weak and ineffective while Boko Haram's claim of responsibility — and threaten to sell the 223 girls still being held as slave brides — has stoked global anger.

The Chinese premier is on a four-country tour of Africa — his first since taking office last year — with the world’s second-biggest economy keen to boost its presence on the continent to find new markets and opportunities.

On Thursday, he was set to address the World Economic Forum on Africa in Abuja, which the government had hoped would showcase Nigeria’s potential as a place to do business but has been overshadowed by security concerns.

Two car bombs that exploded in the same Abuja suburb have heightened fears about safety while the mass kidnap has sparked noisy street protests across Nigeria and around the world.

Li said the aim of his visit was to deepen ties and cooperation with Africa's biggest economy and leading oil producer, which has been seen as a potential future economic powerhouse and destination for overseas investors.

"We hope to see not just more trade with China but also stronger cooperation between the two countries in the development of infrastructure in Nigeria and we wish the Nigerian people even higher living standards and also greater achievement in terms of health and social progress."

Nigeria is one of China's biggest trading partners in Africa. Last year, trade between our two countries reached about $13.6 billion," he said through an interpreter.

Li's comments touched on a key issue of inequality in Nigeria where the growing numbers of dollar millionaires and billionaires live alongside a majority of the population that is still mired in poverty.

Chinese firms are already involved in road and rail projects, including a monorail scheme in the financial capital, Lagos. Li promised more investment and technical expertise.

"The Chinese government will honour its words," he said to Jonathan.

Nigeria's foreign ministry said that six major agreements would be signed during Li's visit, including economic and technical cooperation, aviation, banking and health projects to combat malaria.



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