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Author Topic: (FASHION) A LITTLE PIECE ON HEAD BANDANA  (Read 1937 times)

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« on: May 06, 2016, 12:14:27 PM »

Iím no Octopus , itís Merely a
Prediction. After all its Fashion , itís
Dynamic , Itís evolving.
2016 is so far the Year of Metro Boomin
(Futureís in house Producer ) and With
metro Boomin comes Paisly patterned
and soft-cotton material Headbands, or
should i say Head-bandannas . My Puns
be Pardoned , It simply means Tying a
Bandana Like a head band . Sounds
familiar, right? Yes! . With its deep roots
from Religious Women Doctrine (Amish
Women , Muslim , Orthodox Jews ) and
Original American hood gangs , it was a
Strong Fashion accessory in the west
around the 1970s and 1980s . A
contributing factor is the fact that its
unisex. A bandana is a Rectangular or
Triangular Piece Tied around the head
or neck for protective or Decorative
purposes. Also known as kerchief ,
coined from French Phrase ; ďCouvre
ChefĒ which means Cover head.
Not exactly a Weather Selective
Accessory but if could do a lot of good
with all these summer tours in sight. Its
been a season of Golf caps, From the
Initial Monochrome Ones to retros and
now suede caps for the summers , even
our parents Rock these Caps . But
Close attention would notice some
fashioned up celebrities rocking head
bandanas off recent. Last week Justin
Bieber posted some pictures from a
concert with one and also another with
a Different colour kf head bandanna.
Kylie Jenner , Chris brown were also
spotted trying out this Retro trend. And
of course we shouldnít be surprised ,
Fashion is a Social Cycle , Its Comes
and goes. In Some months from now, It
should be trendy as Lemonade is Right

I Took some time to Explain how to tie
it Below.
● Place the Kerchief flat down in its full
square size with the colorful side facing
down and the other Facing you
● Roll the bandana up from an edge to
the preferred size and Tie it around
your head like an head band.

Written by Resonance Clothings "Stylist" SOFT


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