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Airtel 2014 Free browsing using Airwall

Author Topic: Airtel 2014 Free browsing using Airwall  (Read 4089 times)

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Airtel 2014 Free browsing using Airwall
« on: August 07, 2014, 11:05:47 PM »

This Tweak has been out for some days now and most Airtel users are  really surfing with it.
Follow the steps below to surf for free with it

Download link -

By default, Airwall blocks all applications from connecting to the internet, including Windows services and DNS, ICMP pings etc, except applications added to the White List.

Before applying any firewall rules, a backup is made of the current firewall configuration. This backup is restored when the application window is closed. Therefore, please avoid force-closing the app, at anytime. Always close the window, to exit.

To add an application to the White List, click on the 'Add Application' button, and then navigate to the folder where the application is installed
(usually your program files), and then select the application's executable.

To remove an application from the White List, select the application's name from the List, and then click the 'Remove Application' button.

After making any changes to the White List, always click the 'Apply Rules' button, to apply current configuration.

States: If firewall is successfully applied, the state is ENABLED. If not, it's either DISABLED or RUNASADMIN. The latter indicates you need to restart
the application, and run it with administrator privileges (by right-clicking and choosing Run As Admin).

To restore firewall rules to default configurations, click on the 'Reset Rules' button. This resets the state of your Windows Firewall to factory defaults.

Enter your proxy address and port in the fields provided.

There are some free proxies that support pipelining on http://proxylist.hidemyass.com. Keep trying proxy combinations, with port 80 until you find one that works.
If you're using a free proxy, leave the authentication section blank.

If you're unable to find a free one, buy a personal VPS and install Squid. Set Squid to run on port 80, and allow http access, then enter your server IP
as the proxy address, and 80 as the proxy port

Start proxy, configure your browsers to pass through IP:, and port, as specified in the listen port field (8080 by default).

For bug reports, feature suggestions and donations, send a message to 08037946755.

Dont forget to post a comment below ;)

 Free HTTP-only proxy:
Source Guruscoded


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