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Title: Download Album: 2pac Reincarnation Vol 2 Mixtape: By Dax
Post by: Timi Dapsin on January 20, 2018, 02:10:05 AM
Some weeks back Dax announced on his social media account that he will drop Mixtape titled 2pac Reincarnation
Well its here


I am finally closing the chapter on remixing 2pac's songs and will be putting out a Mixtape of my 2pac remixes entitled: 2pac Reincarnation Vol.2 As Told By: DAX. It will be truly legendary. It will drop before my project.

United States based Nigerian rapper, Dax remixes some of 2Pacís greatest songs that he made while in school in Wichita, Kansas

Track list

1.2pac - Hit Em Up (Daxmix)
2.2pac - Changes (Daxmix)
3.2pac - Californi Love (Daxmix)
4.2pac - Picture Me Rolling (Daxmix)
5.2pac - Do For Love (Daxmix)
6.Dax - Mover Shaker
7.2pac - All Eyez On Me (Daxmix)
8.2pac - So Many Tears (Daxmix)
9.2pac - Until The End Of Time (Daxmix)