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Samsung Galaxy S4 cool tricks

Author Topic: Samsung Galaxy S4 cool tricks  (Read 1847 times)

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Samsung Galaxy S4 cool tricks
« on: December 18, 2013, 12:48:20 PM »

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is not just an extremely powerful Android device – it is also stuffed with little tweaks and options to explore. but we bet that some features remain little known to even advanced users.
Samsung describes ten “semi-secret” features of the Galaxy S4, which some of you may not be aware of.
Bellow are the Galaxy S4 semi-secret, as tipped by the company.
1. Swiping Down With Two Fingers
This offers access to the full Quick Settings panel by swiping down from the status bar with two fingers. Touch and hold to access settings. Long-tap an icon to drag it into a different place.
2. TV Remote Control
This can be added to the notification panel for quick access.Application screen>WatchOn>Settings.
3. PopUp Keyboard
The keyboard can be PopUp-ed on top of other apps for multi-tasking-like features, With the keyboard active, tap the settings icon on the left of the space bar and then select the pop-up keyboard icon.
4. Blocking Mode
A blocking mode can be set up to prevent the phone from ringing on incoming calls and other notifications.Setti ngs>My device>Blocking mode.
5. Wi-Fi Timer
Wi-Fi timer app help users save cellular data, as the phone will try to connect to available Wi-Fi networks for a specific period of time.Settings>Connections>Wi-Fi>Advanced>Wi-Fi Timer.
6. Adapt Sound
With Adapt Sound function, users can improve (and properly calibrate) the sound quality of their Galaxy S4, especially those people affected by hearing impairments.Setting s>My device>Sound>Adapt Sound>Start
7. In-call Audio
In-call audio can also be optimized in order to improve call experience.Settings>My device>Call.
1. Noise Reduction
2. Extra Volume
3. Personalize Call Sound
8. Video Watching
Watching video on Galaxy S4 also has some “hidden” features such as pinch-to-zoom (for enlarging and shrinking the image on the screen). Brightness and volume adjustments are available also. Activate the bars when touching the left and right side of the screen, respectively.
9. Camera Secret Access
The camera can be accessed directly from the lock screen for quicker pictures and videos.Settings>My device>Lock screen>Lock screen widgets>Camera. Feature requires lock screen to be other than pattern of PIN.
10. Lock Screen Message
The lock screen message can be personalized with custom fonts and colors.Settings>My device>Lock screen>Lock screen widgets>Edit personal information; if screen is protected with pattern or PIN lock or tap and hold the lock screen message and drag it down from the screen.
Go on and start practising the tricks, that’s if you own a Samsung Galaxy S4.


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