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All You Need To Know About Pokemon Go: Download, Availability and Walkthrough

Author Topic: All You Need To Know About Pokemon Go: Download, Availability and Walkthrough  (Read 3785 times)

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I guess you must have heard of POKEMON GO a new Android, IOS game.

Pokemon Go was launched July 6 2016 and its probably going to be one of the most successful games of the year.

After its release whilst not available in all countries Pokemon Go boasts of over 1Million downloads from Google Play store.


Pokemon Go is an AR game that sends you out in the real world to find hidden virtual Pokemon.

How To Play

Scan your surroundings while out and about and a wild Pokemon might pop up on your screen for you to catch. Throw a Poke Ball at it and you can add that Pokemon to your collection.

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Countries that can download Pokemon Go

North America and Europe seem largely good to Go.
Australia, Canada, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom.

Download From PlayStore
IOS users Search your Apple Store

If Pokemon Go is not available in your country, follow the steps below to get it.

For Android
Make sure your Android phone is set to be able to install apps outside of Google Play by visiting Settings>Security on your device.

Tap the toggle for Unknown Sources to "on".

Next visit APK Mirror using your phones browser to get the latest version of the Pokemon Go app. Or Click Here To Go Directly To Download Link.

Click the "Download APK" button.
Proceed to your Downloads section on your phone, And install the Pokemon Go APK
Thats all very simple.

Method 2 for Android

The last time I did this, I enabled fake location from Developer Options and then installed  Fake GPS app to spoof my location to a US city. I used a US VPN too to make it look real.

Signing up was easy after that. Clearing Google play service data too is recommended.
Although it’s been a while, I don’t know if this same method still works.


 Set up a US, Australian or New Zealand iTunes account and download it from the respective App Store.
Most times you need a credit card from the country the account is based in,
but it is possible to walk through it.

its possible to set up iTunes on computer, but here are the steps to do it directly on your phone:

Launch the App Store on your iPhone,
Click on "Apple ID" at the bottom of the screen and sign out.
Now you need to change the region of your device. Go to Settings>General>Language & Region.
Click Region and change it to "United States" (or New Zealand, etc).
Go back to the App Store and search for Pokemon Go. "Get" it and Click "Install".
A pop up asking you to sign in will come up, but tick "Create New" instead.

You have to fill out the required information and follow the instructions. Choose any email or US based address. It is very important to click "None" for billing information, If not you need a credit card from the region chosen.

Go back to the App Store once the account has been created.

You can now download, install and play Pokemon Go as you are signed into a supported country.

One major problem with this method is that every time you want to use your existing apps and games, you have to switch your phone's region and sign back into your UK account again. It sounds simple now, but is a real pain. And if you do want to buy additional content from within pokémon go, you need to first buy some US iTunes vouchers and then assign them to your account.

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