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How To Use Your Smartphone As A Remote Controller

Author Topic: How To Use Your Smartphone As A Remote Controller  (Read 2245 times)

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How To Use Your Smartphone As A Remote Controller
« on: August 21, 2016, 08:24:10 PM »

This is mainly the reason to have a Smartphone device.

Imagine controlling your Television set, Dvd, Air condition, Decoders e.t.c with your smartphone. Cool right?  8)
all thanks to Peel Smart Remote app

Peel Smart Remote app gives you the opportunity to use your Android or Ios Smartphone or Tablet as a remote control, It has the ability to control any device that allows the use of remote control.

Peel Smart Remote app already exists on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7, And some Htc Phones
For the app to work your device must have Infrared blaser (IR blaster)

Lets get started

Download Peel Smart Remote app (check below for download links)

1. Open the Peel smart tv app you Downloaded (check below for download link)

2. Click on “Start”

3. Now choose your cable provider (NOTE: If you do not have a cable provider, choose “Broadcast or Over the Air”)

4. Next choose your gender and age range. (This is how Peel personalizes recommendations for shows and movies to watch)

5. Now turn off your TV

6. Select “Yes, My TV is Off”

7. Select your TV Brand, then select Next

8. Press the power button that is labeled “Button 1”, make sure your device is pointed at the TV.

9. If your TV turned on, press “YES”.

10.Now you will do the same for your cable or satellite box

11.Next you can sign in with Facebook or Google to save your settings and back them up as well. You can opt out of that.

12.Choose the packages and languages you are subscribed to through Comcast.

13.Now press Done.

14. And you are all set.

Download for => Android here <=> IOS here <==

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