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Author Topic: CHECKOUT PHONE WITH AIRBAG  (Read 1990 times)

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« on: January 28, 2014, 03:51:11 PM »

 click here to download this video
Japanese automobile giants,Honda have found a solution to falling phones and cracked screens, the company has invented Smartphone cases complete withairbags!
More often than not, owners of smart phones worry about the after math of their phones when they fall which usually includes cracked screens and the overall dysfunctioning of their mobile devices, hence phone cases where invented . This just wasnít solution enough, so Honda engineers came up with the idea of Smartphone cases with airbags to soften unexpected falls and all together prevent damage to your phone.
The casing virtually guarantees your device will survive any fall and possibly even a head-on collision with a truck. The  case would be great for you if you donít mind the added weight.

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