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Google makes Hands Free Payment

Author Topic: Google makes Hands Free Payment  (Read 1831 times)

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Google makes Hands Free Payment
« on: March 04, 2016, 09:26:40 AM »

The tech giant is testing an app that will let you pay at the store without pulling out your wallet or phone. Google is testing a futuristic way for shoppers to pay for what they buy without having to take out their wallet — or even their phones.

Details about Google’s payment system are still fuzzy. The company emphasized that it is an experiment. It may rely on Bluetooth technology to sense that your mobile phone is nearby. Shoppers who make a purchase receive a notification on their phone about being billed.

The technology is just one of many ideas involving mobile payments, a particularly hot space in the tech industry. A number of companies like Apple  AAPL 0.73%  are experimenting with different ways for consumers to pay using their phones under the theory that paying digitally is more convenient than using cash or credit cards. The is service available for Android and iOS users, Hands Free allows you to make a mobile payment without having to tap your phone on a POS terminal, or swipe your phone. Google is currently limiting its use to residents of South Bay (San Francisco) and a small number of restaurants in that area including McDonald's and Papa John's.


If you are able to use Hands Free, when it is your turn to pay, you tell the cashier that you are paying with Google. You then give the cashier your initials and he/she verifies your identity by looking up a profile picture. At some locations, your initials won't be necessary since a well-placed camera will automatically match your image to the one of you on your profile. At these locations, once your identity is confirmed, the transaction is run through immediately with no fuss, no muss. Google is obviously eager to push the envelope of mobile pay. And as an added incentive, those in South Bay testing Hands Free can get $5 off their first purchase made with the app. Sorry, the discount is valid at participating stores only. According to gsmarena

Hands Free though, could turn out to be the easiest way for consumers to make a mobile payment. The only problem is that it is in its early days whereas the competition is more developed. Still, we wouldn't be surprised if Google were to ultimately throw much of its its considerable weight behind Hands Free.


  • Convenient
Imagine paying for things without lifting a finger. No digging around for cash, credit cards, or loose change. Just tell the cashier you'd like to pay with Google, and you're good to go.

  • Secure
When you make a purchase, your full card details will not be shared with stores. Once you complete a purchase, you'll receive an instant notification right on your phone. We'll also alert you to any unusual activity so you can go hands-free and be worry-free. You could use an extra hand. Let us help.

In summary, the services are under trial and are limited. A statement from google says
Hands Free is a new app from Google that allows you to make in-store payments without ever reaching for your phone or wallet. We are currently running a limited public pilot in a small number of stores in the South Bay.

You could Download the app on Google Play or the App Store and check the in-app store directory for merchant locations.[/font]


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