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Title: Glo breaks down Blackberry Tariff Plan, Get 3gb for N1000 only
Post by: Timi Dapsin on December 21, 2013, 04:33:26 PM
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Do you know that the globacom coordinator that is in Nigeria just concluded a statement which invovles the breaking down their blackberry plan.

Hence, it looks like am getting too longer than the main article, but am going to tell the statement which is quoted as "Globacom is the first network to introduce Blackberry service in Nigeria and we have continued to maintain the lead by offering subscribers the best and most pocket friendly BlackBerry rates.

We are offering these new tariffs to encourage Nigerians to use data more frequently. This will make life more abundant for our subscribers".

Below are the break down BlackBerry subscription tariffs plan >>>.
*. For the bismonth plan that was earlier N2,800 3GB, is now N1, 000 with the same 3GB.
*. Also the Week plan that was earlier N500 700MB and the COMONTH and COWEEK plans go for N899 and N400 with data allowance of 3GB and 700MB respectively.

We hope other networks learns and conduct a cut off payment on their own.
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