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Best Internet Data Plan to go for

Author Topic: Best Internet Data Plan to go for  (Read 1791 times)

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Best Internet Data Plan to go for
« on: September 02, 2014, 12:31:55 AM »

MTN: Mtn Network for the past few weeks has really been trying, just last week, they distributed 1GB to almost all their subscribers. Mtn Night plan that gives you 4.5GB and allow you to use it during the day 247 is still working on Android, iPad and PC. I think this plan should be meant for heavy internet users.

But along the line, Cheap Mtn DataPlan from trusted third party agent is even more considerable for your device now than even the so called Mtn Night plan since  you can get 1GB for 1K and it will last you for 30days. This 1GB will last you for 1month. Iíll recommend this plan for iPhone users and for the new Mtn Android Phone users.

Etisalat: Well, this network seems to be so covered with enough securities therefore making it difficult to carve out a tweak aside of YF with etisalat that has been rocking but extremely slow.

Third party Agent like Mobiblaze help reduce the cost of Etisalat Data by giving you 1GB for 1,500 which is fair enough. However, a dude sent me a configuration on how to use eti BIS on any device; though Iíve not tested it hence, I wonít be posting it here except you want to test it.
If Etisalat network is fast and better in your area, Iíll suggest you go with Mobiblaze third party data seller, it works on all device and they can be trusted.

Airtel BIS: Just of late, I heard Airtel Nigeria want to stop their 4GB 2in1 package that works on all device but itís not yet confirmed. Those who love this network, it doesnít zapp data on PC but zap on Android devices. However, I wonít encourage anyone to use AirtelAndroid Plan as itís too expensive for a common man. Why will I get 2GB for 2k when I can get 4GB for #1,500

Airtel have different Blackberry plans that work on all devices ranging for 1gb for 1,200, 2gb for 1,500 and 4gb for 1,500. Just make your choice. And if you are in other country like Ghana, it equally works there.

Glo: This is one of the best as at this moment because you can tweak any of your Android Phone to act like a Blackberry Phone by just changing your imei. Remember that Glo Bis works on Android; and its 1k for 3GB. Every Android Phone IMEI can be change but with different method. Take for instance, the new MTN Android Phone can be change with an unlock box that equally works with Samsung users.

Glo Blackberry plan also allow you to top up your Data up to 12GB and it will last you for 4months. However, iPhone/iPad and PC users can only use this plan if its been  tethered from an Android Phone or a Blackberry Phone.
To subscribe for this plan, send Comonth to 777, and to check your balance, dial *777*23#.


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