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How to mod your own operamini with your mobile phone

Author Topic: How to mod your own operamini with your mobile phone  (Read 3307 times)

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How to mod your own operamini with your mobile phone
« on: December 25, 2013, 02:00:15 PM »

follow the instructions below and enjoy your own modded operamini

Go to your xplore configuration and mark from show hidden filesto show system files. Download fresh operamini 4.2. Then make sure you can locate it with your xplore. Create a new folder in ur xplore by clicking on menu - make direct. Then give the folder a name. Or press 9 to create folder. Click on the jar file you want to modify then go to menu, extract to.. Then extract it to the folder have created. Go to where you have extracted your files you will see META-INF folder.Inside it u will see the MANIFEST.MF file, and Thats what contains the midlet name, dercription etc. To open it just press on it, then uwill see every details contained init. press 3 on the MANIFEST.MF file then it will display its hex and character values. On the right is the character values, on the left isits hex values in numbers. Just go to the menu, Edit, then press menu again, the click Edit chart, or just press your call send key. Go to menu, insert mode to put itin insert mode. After that, u will notice that, its in capital letters and maybe you can't change it to small letters. Just go to menu, find chars, then put any letter you want to find,then press ok. It will find the letter and change to small letter. Start editing, scroll down and look for Midlet name study it carefully you will notice that after the midlet name there is two dots without space. Eg Midlet-Name: Operamini4.2..Microedition... operamini4.2 is the midlet name and there is two dot after it You can now insert any name there. Eg Midlet-Name: Operamini4.2 by stanley..Microedition...etc. Scroll down again and look for Midlet-1: you will see Midlet-1: Operamini4.2,/ you can insert your name there to look like this. Midlet-1: Operamini4.2 by stanley,/ This is the name that appears when you launch your operamini. You can look for Midlet description and put any name there and others like Midlet vendor and midlet info url. If youu want to put the words that appear when youu want to delete or remove the application from your phone, Scrol down, then after the last word, just type two dots, if there are already dots, and they are more than two, delete some to make it two, then type: MIDLET-Delete-Confirm: Operamini4.2 mod by stanley.... To change screen resolution follow same method, then type the original size  then type the size you need. remember to press two dots Nokia-MIDlet-Target-Display-Size: 240,320 To insert your picture as an icon in opera mini. Search and download picture converter at sharemobile. Rename it to i.png. Then use xplore and press menu,edit then copy the image to the folder that contain the default image and overwrite it. When you're through just click back, it will ask you to save changes, then select yes. When you're through use your Jarboom to pack your files and see if it works before proceedingto the next step You can edit the server of fresh operamini that is not handler or editable by using xplore by goingthrough this process open the a.class, then click menu,find chars then type http://server4.operamini.com:80/ using replace mode just replace it with the network homepage you want to use. Eg http://wap.mtnonline.com/ "http://server4.operamini.com:80/" is 32 characters after typing http://wap.mtnonline.com/ which is 25characters, use space to complete the remaining 7 characters. Pack your application and Use with any working opera server ip.

        if you have any problem don't hesitate to post it here


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