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What to do when Iphone refuses to Turn up

Author Topic: What to do when Iphone refuses to Turn up  (Read 1770 times)

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What to do when Iphone refuses to Turn up
« on: November 28, 2014, 03:49:02 PM »

This tutorial is aimed to solve your iphone problem when it won't turn on,sometimes is very boring when your phone won't switch on,maybe after reading this,your case may resolve.

Pressing the power button
causes literally nothing to
happen; the iPhone just displays a black screen. You
may think your iPhone is
broken and that you're going
to need to buy a new one.
But there are a lot of things
you can try to fix your iPhone before you decide it's
completely d*ad. Try these
tips to bring it back to its
normal shape.

1. Turn It On/Restart It If your iPhone won't turn on,check to make sure that it's not off. Hold down the Hold button at the top right corner on the edge of the phone for some few seconds. If the phone is off, it should turn on.

2. Charge the iPhone for a While Try connecting your iPhone to a USB charger and connect it to a wall outlet for some few minutes, or better still, connect it through USB to your computer for at least 20 minutes , after doing that, try turning your iPhone ON as usual while your device is still connected to a reliable power source.
If your device battery is completely drained and very
low then sometimes after
maybe 10-20 minutes of being charged you will be able to press the power button and then see a screen display with an empty battery and icons
showing a cable connected to a power source:
If you see that screen after
the iPhone has been charging for a while, that means the device needs to charge longer before it will be usable again because the battery was completely d*ad. If you suspect your phone ran out of battery but this technique doesn't work, then thereís a
possibility that your charger
or cable is faulty. Try using
another charger or cable and see it will charge.

3. Proximity Sensor
Problem Admit it! Your iPhone's screen
turns on and off when you
hold it close to your face to
make a call due to the
proximity sensor. This
malfunction can cause the screen to be turned off even
when the phone is on and not close to your face.
If this is the case, it can be
solved through software,
rather than repairing or replacing the phone. Just hold down the Home and Hold buttons as outlined above to restart the phone.

When it restarts, the screen should be working. If it is do the following:

==> Tap the Settings app

==> Tap General

==> Tap Reset

==> Tap Reset All Settings.
This erases all your preferences and settings on
the iPhone, but won't delete
your data.

==> Confirm the reset. Your
proximity sensor problem
should be resolved by now.

4. DFU Mode In some situations, the issue
might not be so much that
your device won't work as
that it won't boot very well.
This often takes the form of
the phone trying to start, getting to the silver Apple
logo, and then restarting
itself. This is common after
If this is the problem you're
facing, then try putting your phone into DFU mode and
resetting it.

5. Force Reboot Force reboot can be of great
help! Hold down your device
Power and Home button
simultaneously until the
Apple logo appears.
Hard reboot works if iOS has crashed or is frozen, which
can sometimes manifest as an unresponsive iPhone with a black screen that appears
d*ad because it isnít
responsive to anything. This is the easiest to determine
and to resolve since it doesnít even require waiting for the iPhone to charge before you
can do it, and youíll know
nearly instantly if it works.

Source: Heroslodge


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