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Title: Tips/Tricks You Should Know About iOS 10
Post by: gyft on September 15, 2016, 12:22:24 AM
As the talk of the town iOS 10 gets installed to millions of devices, you might want to know a few Tricks and  Tips about the new Os.

Officially released on Tuesday the iOS 10 was the first on the line before the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 launch.


Well Apple has definitely brought a whole new feature to the iOS 10, which includes Unlimited tabs in Safari, bedtime mood and lists more. We would explain just a brief tips/tricks here.


According to Gadgets 360, they mentioned a whole lot that the new Os can do, which includes:

-Restore The Old Home Button
iOS 10 has a new unlock feature that requires you to press the home button to unlock the device. That'll probably work very well with the new home button on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but with older iOS devices, the experience is less convenient. To get the old unlock method back, head toSettings > General > Accessibility >Home Button > turn on Rest Finger to Open.

-Remove Pre-loaded Apps
Don't need apps such as Stocks, Weather, Mail? You can now get rid of them easily - just like you delete other apps on iOS. Note that Apple has clarified that these apps are not really removed from your system - only the icon is hidden, so you won't really gain any storage from this. If you later decide you need an app after all, just head to the App Store and install it like any other app.

-Users Can Close multiple tabs in Safari
If you have multiple tabs open in the Safari browser, tap and hold the tab button on the bottom-right - you'll see an option (in red) to close all tabs at once.

-Scribble On Photos
If you want to annotate photos or just to draw something funny on them, iOS 10 has a feature called Markup for you. Open any picture in the Photos app > tap the settings icon (next to the trash icon) > tap the three dots icon on the top left > tap Markup. You can also do this via iMessage. Tap the right arrow on the bottom left. This reveals the camera icon, so tap that. Now tap and hold any photo and then tap the Markup button on the bottom-left.

-Allows Users Draw In iMessage
Open any iMessage conversation and pull up the keyboard. Now rotate your phone to landscape mode. This will open the draw screen, where you can either doodle or send one of the scribbled messages present in iOS 10

-Reduce Data Consumption On iMessage
Stuck somewhere with a terrible Internet connection? You can now send compressed images via iMessage. Head to Settings >Messages. Scroll to the bottom and enable Low-Quality Image Mode.

-Hide People From Photo Albums
iOS 10's Photos App got a pretty big overhaul and it now identifies people and groups all the photos they're in. If this contains people you'd rather not see then open the People album in Photos, tap Select on the top-right. Now select the people you want to hide, and tap Hide on the bottom-left

-Contact Name Suggestions
When sends you a text or iMessage from a number or email address not in your address book, iOS 10 tries to guess who they are. This is similar to the iOS feature that suggests email addresses for contacts if it finds them in your emails.

We hope this few tips would prove helpfully as you launch the new Os. Also feel free to leave a comment about your experience, Enjoy!