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Iphone was not official in Nigeria...but will soon be.

Author Topic: Iphone was not official in Nigeria...but will soon be.  (Read 2094 times)

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Iphone was not official in Nigeria...but will soon be.
« on: March 29, 2014, 01:33:28 AM »

Just heard...and believe it on Monday, Apple is going to officially make iPhone available in Nigeria by April.
Meaning if you are currently using the iPhone, there is no known record of your phone in this region and as a result, accessing the warranty may be quite difficult should the phone go faulty.
But from April, according to Spaandonk, any Nigerian who purchases any brand of iPhone, from authorized dealers, would not only get and enjoy the warranty on his phone, but would have such phones recorded against his name.
He warned those who acquire devices from outside the country at a very cheap rate not to gloat because certain factors brought about it.
What that means is that anywhere in the world that particular iPhone is spotted, it could be easily traced back to the rightful owner. That's the beauty of the device.
But a major attraction of this new development is that like its iPad devices in Nigeria here, potential users who have salary accounts in Stanbic IBTC can acquire their iPhones at zero balance and pay in 12 months.Core Africa Group is Official distributors of Apple in 13 countries of the world.
Spaandonk said that unfortunately, majority of those phones are either sub standard or fake advising that people should always go for authorized re sellers when making purchases of devices.
Justifying the price differentiation, he noted that Import duties are heavy here even as other expenses are also made before bringing in goods into the country. So beg your government to reduce the importation rate, to get Iphone cheaper.

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