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Title: Checkout leaked photos of Iphone7
Post by: gyft on July 11, 2016, 11:51:33 PM
Rumors of he iPhone 7 is becoming stronger with different redering of the new device. Different sites have proposed their theory of what it would look like.
Well to begin with its size - it's clearly a 4.7-inch model, a change in size that falls in line with a number of other leaked schematics we've seen before.

While the design feels like a natural evolution, The camera does feel like a more pronounced change. From the picture model, it appears to come in a gold finish - considering we've already reported that the iPhone 7 will likely come in a other color mode also, a gold version does seem plausible.


One of the more prevalent early rumors concerns a waterproof iPhone 7. The Wall Street Journal reported that the upcoming handset sports a design “more water-resistant” than Apple’s current crop. DigiTimes reported on evidence that Catcher Technologies will supply waterproof iPhone 7 chassis components.

According to Digitaltrends :
"Another leak from a case manufacturer shows an iPhone without a headphone jack. The device does appear to have a rear smart connector, along with a dual-lens camera. The case appears to be for the iPhone 7 Plus, and its shape looks relatively similar to the current models, but the removal of the headphone jack and addition of a smart connector may mean there are bigger changes elsewhere."

Speculations have it that the IPhone 7 plus could be a 5.5-inch model with a rather tasty Dual-Lens rear camera that will take the handset's already impressive HD camera and make it even more of an attractive to the 7.

Whatever the case maybe of the real thing. We all have to wait for the official luach date.

Till then stay online for more information.