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Why Fat Is Good For You

Author Topic: Why Fat Is Good For You  (Read 1482 times)

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Why Fat Is Good For You
« on: October 05, 2016, 07:44:06 PM »

British experts claim that you need fat in your diet to prevent heart disease. Plus, fat doesn't directly make you "fat" rather excess calories makes you "fat". It's about getting the right balance.

Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhota says the obsession for low-fat diet ha "paradoxically increased" the risk of heart disease. Other experts have added their voices to his controversial call to end 40 years of advice to cut saturated fat-which has been described as "the greatest medical error of our time".

Virtually all natural foods contain some fat. It is in foods because most plants and animals use fats as the most economical way to store energy.

Why You Need Fat

1.It's One Of The major Sources Of Energy: Our body uses the fat we eat to provide the energy for most of our day to day activities.

2. Proper Functioning Of Nerves and Brain: Fats are part of myelin-a fatty material which wraps around our nerve cells so that they can send pulses. Our brain contains large amount of essential fat.

3. Forming steroid hormones: needed to regulate many bodily processes.

4. Maintaining Healthy Skin and Tissues: All our body cells need to contain some fat as essential parts of cell membranes, controlling what goes in and leave our cells.

5. Transportation: Fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A,D,E, and K are transported with the aid of fat through the bloodstream to where they are needed in the body.

Fat plays and important role and should be incorporated in our diet, but we need to strike a balance so as avoid spiking your body's cholesterol level.   



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