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Six Reasons To Smile More

Author Topic: Six Reasons To Smile More  (Read 1382 times)

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Six Reasons To Smile More
« on: October 06, 2016, 10:07:18 PM »

Has this ever happened to you, you walk into a store and you smile at someone random and the person just smiles back at you. I've experienced it dozens of times and it just makes me feel good, because i feel accepted every time this happens.

Smiling is really contagious, as the mirror neurons deep inside our brains respond to a smile with a smiles of our own. Smiling does more than show our mood. A smile can exemplify gratefulness, happiness and emotions that are sometimes unreachable by the mere use of words.

Smiling aids the release of your bodies feel-good hormone like endorphins, dopamine, and mood-enhancing serotonin that does your body much good. Here are six major reasons why smiling can give give you a powerful life lift.

1.Smiling helps improve your mental health

The physical act of smiling can change your brain chemistry and the emotions running through you. Some people can actually rid themselves of mild depression and chase those blues away by consciously smiling.

A series of recent study implies that our emotions can be driven by their corresponding facial expressions. Interestingly this was first postulated in 1872 by Charlse Darwin.

2. Smiling enhances your immune system

When you're under a lot of stress, the immune system doesn't work as well as it should. You want to reduce stress? smilling might be all you need to de-stress.

3. Reduces blood pressure

When you smile, your endorphins spike and your blood pressure goes down.
People who have their blood pressure monitored before and after smiling show a marked difference in their blood pressure measurement.

Another study showed that if people were told to keep a facial position like smiling whether they were supposed to be smiling or not, they had lower heart rate during stressful situations.

4. Increases lifespan 

Study has proved that you can add up to seven years to your life by smiling often. Who doesn't want that?

5. Be more youthful

People who smile appear more youthful. The muscles we use to smile lift our faces-- no need for a face lift just smile more. Plus when you smile you are more attractive to others.

6. Increases productivity

Smiling can diminish negativity-- revitalizing and boosting your productivity. Studies have proved that a few minutes of laughter motivates people to work harder and can even enhance creativity. 


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