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Title: Riding Your Bike Fast Can Cause Lung Cancer. See Why!
Post by: Timi Dapsin on October 28, 2016, 03:49:57 PM
Walking so fast, Riding your bicycle fast might just lead to lung cancer, Scientist explains.
This is because cycling and walking too fast causes people to breath deeper and draws more toxic air pollution deep into the lungs


Scientist revealed that Cyclists should try to ride between 7.5mph (12kph) and 12mph (20kph) on city roads while pedestrians should keep between 1.2mph (2kph) and 3.7mph (6kph).

Scientist calculated the ideal travel speed using data gotten from more than 10,000 different people.

The estimates, referred to as minimum dose speeds (MDS), are average speeds and based on flat roads of pavements.

They found young female cyclists should stick to 7.8mph (13kph) while males under 20 should keep to 8.3mph (13kph).


But older cyclists of both sexes should attempt to stick at 9.3mph (15kph) to minimise their inhalation of air pollution.

For young pedestrians under 20 the ideal walking pace is 1.9mph (3kph) while older people they should strive to reach 2.5mph (4kph).

Professor Bigazzi added: 'If you move at much faster speeds your inhalation of air pollution is significantly higher.

'The good news is, the MDS numbers align pretty closely with how fast most people actually travel.'

Air pollution has been found to increase the risk of developing asthma, strokes and lung cancer. It is believed to be responsible for three million deaths worldwide.