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Reasons Why Hover Board Explodes And How To Spot A Safe One

Author Topic: Reasons Why Hover Board Explodes And How To Spot A Safe One  (Read 11566 times)

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Reasons Why Hover Board Explodes And How To Spot A Safe One
« on: November 14, 2016, 02:06:34 AM »

Many people will like to use or get the Hover board for their loved ones, But then you begin to wonder if you are not actually buying a time bomb.

Users have complained of their hover board lighting up and catching fire where as some explodes

This raised alot of concerns to Hover board buyers and users world wide


No 1. Over Charging
This is one of the causes of Hover board fire incidents.
Over charging your Hover board causes the battery to heat up and can catch fire, especially when plugged in for way too long

No 2. Not Using Specified Chargers
Using the wrong or bad chargers to charge your Hover board might be the wrong thing to try.
Using anyhow chargers to charge your Hover board will make the device heat up unnecessarily and might lead too an explosion.

No 3. Wrong Batteries
Another big cause of the popular explosion of Hover boards is the usage of bad or wrong set of batteries

What you should know about LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES

Lithium-ion batteries were rolled out in the early 1990s as a common feature in phones and other devices.

Lithium is a lightweight metallic element which is less toxic than previous battery materials such as cadmium or lead.

Unlike earlier "single use" batteries, they can normally be recharged thousands of times.

The other clever innovation in lithium-ions lies in the detailed compact structural design of the layered battery.

These optimize the thermal pathways and the accompanying software-driven power system control that (normally) avoids overcharging and over-discharging the cells.


One consumer found nonsensical instructions that include: 'Get off the bus, get off before you stop intelligent drifting scooter balance state, one foot down, the other one foot in the left drifting scooter again.'

KCC Trading Standards Operations Manager James Whiddett said: 'The first thing consumers should do is check the packaging.

'They won't have manufacturer details on them.

'Plugs won't go into your socket properly and without a fuse, they're very dangerous.

'The product itself should have a CE mark on it and the ones we have found have nothing on them at all.

'These things have batteries in them that can overheat and catch fire and we've seen that happen in the county already. Remember the golden rule, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.'

The instructions should contain all the information you need to use the product safely and the manufacturers name and address should be included so you can contact them if anything goes wrong.

Check for spelling mistakes on the box; this is a giveaway for counterfeits. They also often copy safety marks, so take a close look to be sure they are genuine.

Please note that misusing the Hover board such as loading more weight can also cause it to explode.

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