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Mistakes Vegetarians Make When Trying To Loose Weight

Author Topic: Mistakes Vegetarians Make When Trying To Loose Weight  (Read 2035 times)

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Mistakes Vegetarians Make When Trying To Loose Weight
« on: October 03, 2016, 04:00:56 PM »

Most people's thoughts surrounding "risky behavior" are focused on actions related to drugs, driving, and s*x. But the foods you eat you eat everyday can be risky, too- especially if you choose to take on a new dietary regimen without doing enough research first.

Nutrient deficiencies can cause a host of negative side effects that ranges from weight gain to decline in brain function and beyond.

The health benefits associated with a healthy and well-balanced vegan lifestyle are undeniable if meals are well-planned and  nutritious. Plant-based diet is associated with a lower risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and stroke, as well as longer life.

More emphases needs to be placed on "a well-planned, nutritious, plant-based diet". People automatically associate a vegan diet with health, but in reality, eliminating meat is not a passport to good health. The real benefits are seen when meats and other dairy are replaced with more fruits, vegetables, beans, whole soy, and nutritiously-dense foods.

1. You Focus On Meat Replacement

Simply swapping the meat out of your diet and replacing it with a processed substitute will not deliver the health benefits of  vegetarian living. Some food producers are out to make profit, not look after your health. They add flavor enhancers, sugar, filters and flours to get you to buy their latest fake-meat produce. It's important that you know the quality of meat substitutes that you purchase and consider the ingredients.

Move away from just trying to replace meat, instead find textures and flavors that are satisfying without needing to look or feel exactly like a chicken, pork, fish or beef. Potatoes, beans and vegetables can be combined with ground-flax and formed into a huge variety of ground "faux-meat", burgers and pattis to be grilled at home.
Experiment with what works for you, in terms of flavors and spice.

2. Your Diet Looks The Same Every Day

When food is satisfying it is much easier to stay on a health conscious path. However, if you feel bored, or generally dissatisfied with your food, the temptation to slip back to normal diet would surface. Laziness is another sure fire way to lose that healthy vegetarian diet.

The harm in eating the same old thing means you would be missing out on a variety of essential vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, which puts you at risk for nutrient deficiencies or getting back to meat-eating days.

Find time to experiment with new foods, flavors, cooking methods, recipes, and places to keep your taste buds excited about your eating choice. Focus on getting adequate Protein found in nuts, seeds,and legumes,  Calcium found in dark and leafy greens, kale,and broccoli, Iron in dried legumes and lentils, and soybeans, Vitamin B12 in fortified cereals, soy milk, and fatty fish, Vitamin D in midday sunlight and supplements and plenty of deeply hued fruits and vegetables.

3. You Lack Planning and Preparation

Planning for meals and snacks gives you ample time to think about what you might like in claim and collected way. Waiting until you are staving is never the best way to make an informed decision about what to eat.

Learning to cook by yourself or with others is key to healthy living. Make sure you have some quick solutions to hand at home, for example frozen homemade meals, and homemade soups which are tasteful and can satisfy you.

Food processing takes fresh foods and adds bleached grains, sugars, preservatives and other chemicals to improve the shelf life. You can cut out the chemicals and cost by carrying fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts as snacks or even meals.

4. You Do Not Make Adequate Research On Nutrition

Don't assume being vegetarian is by default healthy, because it isn't. Refined sugar and refined wheat are both vegetarian, but they are by far some of the worse things you could be including in your diet.

Supper-foods and juicing are excellent easy ways to add more nutrients to your day. Empower your choices and make well planed and nutritionally sound decisions about your diet by learning more about nutrition.  Do your research yourself from the right source about eating a balanced, healthy plant-based diet.

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Re: Mistakes Vegetarians Make When Trying To Loose Weight
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2016, 08:29:58 AM »
Hmmm. Noted!


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