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How to Know If You Are Allergic To Semen

Author Topic: How to Know If You Are Allergic To Semen  (Read 1403 times)

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How to Know If You Are Allergic To Semen
« on: October 05, 2016, 05:16:19 PM »

Sperm allergy also known as semen allergy or seminal plasma hypersensitivity is a rear allergic reaction to proteins found in a man's semen. It might sound like a punch line in a bad joke, but truly, some women do react to sperm.

Some common symptoms of sperm allergy may include redness, swelling, pain, itching, and a burning sensation in the vaginal area. These symptoms usually start about 10-30 minutes after contact with semen. These symptoms may not be confined to the vaginal area only, but may affect other areas that has come in contact with semen, including the skin and the mouth. Symptoms can last for a few hours or even days.

Sperm allergy may be discovered the first time a woman has s*x, but sometime sit happens after a woman has had other sexual partners with no allergic reaction. Sperm allergy may also occur with one partner but not another.

Women allergic to semen can be cured by treatment requiring frequent s*x, a New York allergist says. But you would need doctors help with proper desensitization, without proper desensitization, s*x can be deadly for some ladies allergic to semen, which in some cases may break out in hives or even have trouble breathing.

Sperm allergy is frustrating for many couples and can even strain the relationship. Women who suspect they are allergic to semen should see their gynecologist or an allergist.   


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