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How to attract that one guy you're crushing on

Author Topic: How to attract that one guy you're crushing on  (Read 1561 times)

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How to attract that one guy you're crushing on
« on: September 30, 2016, 11:15:53 PM »

Crushes and infatuation are a part of life, we all experience them from time to time. Sometimes, our crush on someone might be fleeting, lasting for few minutes. Other times, they are heavy lasting for months, especially if you have reasons to come across this person on a daily.

Getting a crush on someone is the easy part but getting their attention and making them fall for you becomes harder.

Sometimes, catching a glimpse of your crush could make your day. And glancing at them or making eye contact with them on Friday can make you float through the weekend! ;D ;D ;)

But as high and exciting as getting a crush to notice you can feel, being neglected by them can make you feel pained :( :( :-[.

Here are a few tricks to get his attention.

1. Always Be Nice

If your crush has no idea you exist, it's going to be harder to attract him. Always look approachable. Stressful situations brings out the worst in us, do not stiffen up or act aloof when your crush is around, just to pretend like you're calm and composed. Though this might happen involuntarily, but don't stiffen up or go quite around your crush. Smile, be nice and approachable. Doing otherwise wouldn't make your crush want to get to know you better.

2. Be Clean

It might seem silly but you don't want to smell like last month's salami in front of him. You need to leave your fragrance lingering in the air each time you walk past them . You don't have to be flowery, clean-freakishly-fresh all the time, just try to shower daily, wear deodorants and possibly put on some nice perfume to try impress him. Yes, smelling nice or at least presentable, can be attractive.

3. Fleeting Glances

Exchange fleeting glances with him when you are busy with your friends. Don't stare too hard or try too hard to catch his eye,  laser eyes could hurt ;). Make it appear like you just noticed them and stare at them only for a fraction of seconds at least the first few times.
When you both are together alone, you need to make eye contact with your crush and hold the gaze longer than a second . Stare at your crush for a second or two and look away. Do that often as long as your crush is trying to look at you too. Doing this will build enough sexual chemistry between you both.

4. Don't Always Talk About Yourself

When you have the chance to talk with him, never talk too much about yourself, this may make the conversation one-sided. Your crush will be attracted to you, if you let him share details about his life. This shows that you're really interested in him and what he has to say. Yes, he wants to know more about you but give him a chance to share about himself. The secrete is; Guys think girls that listen are hot!

5. Be Yourself

You don't have to fake who you are not around him. You don't have to change who you are for him, especially just a crush, no matter how amazing, cute, or funny he is. Giving him the control over you is not healthy, its actually a little frightening cause he probably end up hurting you. If he can see how amazing you are, he doesn't deserve you but you dont have to change your person to meet up to his standards.

6. Find Common Ground

It's easier to start a conversation when you both have found something to talk about. You might consider taking up some of his interest but don't become a whole different person all because of him. 


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