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Health Benefits Of Drinking Coca Cola

Author Topic: Health Benefits Of Drinking Coca Cola  (Read 3902 times)

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Health Benefits Of Drinking Coca Cola
« on: September 30, 2016, 10:16:09 PM »

Even though many will show you reasons why you should not drink Coca Cola,
I am here to show you reasons why you should. :)

Although, itís not always to drink to much  Coke, thoughts of just how much sugar and caffeine youíre subjecting your body to most especially your teeth

Lets get started with the health benefits.

Coca Cola Eases Digestion
Scientists and doctors have discovered that one of the best treatments for gastric phytobezoar, Which is a condition where a person has difficulty with food moving through their digestive tract and as a result suffers stomach blockages, is a glass of Coca Cola. The high acidity in the fizzy drink acts like gastric acid and can ease severe abdominal pain, break down the blockages and get things moving again.

Coca Cola Helps You Focus
Coca Cola offers a good whack of the stimulant caffeine (itís a caffeinated drink). As the caffeine goes through your blood stream, it can spark increase in concentration and mental focus, so if your attention levels are dipping, a mouthful or two of Coke can get you back up. Try not to overdo it though cause too much caffeine can leave you feeling jittery and stressed.

Coca Cola Helps Those With Low Sugar
If you are out of energy and in need of a quick blast of sugar to get over that 4pm slump. Of course, most doctors would recommend snacking on a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit for a more controlled release of sugar into your system, but sometimes you just need a rush to get you going, regardless of the inevitable sugar crash 30-60 minutes later.

Coca Cola Can Help Stop Nausea
There are much speculation on this, but many people swear by a glass of flat coke when it comes to settling an upset stomach and eradicating nausea. While the debate is out on whether the drink is actually capable of curing diarrhoea or sickness, what is true is the fact that the sugar content in it will make you feel better just for a while at least.

Bottom line, Coca Colaís addictive. Even without the cocaine that was in the original list of ingredients, it has a similar effect on the pleasure centres in the brain as heroin just like most caffeinated drinks.

What do you think? Share your views below


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