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Title: A Pot Belly Could Be Deadlier Than Being Obese-Study Shows
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You know that being obese is not good for your health. But you might think that beer belly is no big deal but did you know that where you carry the fat could have a major impact on your health? Research found that stomach fat alone is more deadly than obesity.

A new study finds that carry a few extra pounds around your tummy can be dangerous, even for people with an overall healthy weight. In fact, people with normal BMI but a pot belly could be at grater risk of premature death than those who are obese.

Researchers found that men who clocked in at a normal weight but had a big belly were more than twice likely to die compared to obese men. And women with a normal weight and a potbelly were 32 percent more likely to die than obese women.

Just as there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, there seem to be bad fat and good fat. Obesity was determined by the persons body mass index(BMI), which is often used as an indicator of health. From research, stomach fat was seen to be most deadly.

Lead researcher Fransisco Lopez-Jimenez, cardiologist from the Mayo Clinic and lead author of the study told USA Today, "Not all fat is equal".  He also added that, "The fat around the belly might look the same under the microscope as fat from the arms or legs, but it's more active."

Stomach fat is particularly dangerous because it is often deposited in the liver and can cause inflammation that could lead to diabetes and heart disease.
But the same isn't necessarily true for the fat found below your waistline. Research say this fat may even offer some protection to your heart, although research don't really know why.

People need to beware of their waist-to-hip ratio and should aim at building muscles and not just shedding pounds.
Title: Re: A Pot Belly Could Be Deadlier Than Being Obese-Study Shows
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Tell Nigerian Police to workout...cause they don't.