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7 Reasons Why Being Single In your 30s is A Good Idea

Author Topic: 7 Reasons Why Being Single In your 30s is A Good Idea  (Read 2262 times)

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7 Reasons Why Being Single In your 30s is A Good Idea
« on: August 31, 2016, 03:01:06 PM »

Thirty has long been the particular age most women start panicking about getting married. Yeah you might feel ready, you've been in the game a while and you feel you've outdated every other woman around you. But seriously! who came up with that notion that you should be married by 30? I feel that's outdated really. So if you have recently started doubting your decision to keep your 30s all to yourself, just read the reasons below and know that you're not alone. Though technically you are but that's kinda the point.

1. Thirties are the new twenties. While this saying is as cliché as a diamond ring, it does hold some truth really. People are living longer, maturing more slowly, and letting go of old notions of aging, so enjoy your thirties and wait to be unhappy when you hit forty.

2. You can spend your earnings however your money however you want. If you decide to drop a grand on a new handbag, or but that old, completely impractical sport car, you can! no one gets to hold you from living your life or spending your money on whatever you choose to. This also gives you more time to invest on yourself, build the life you used to dream about as a kid cos you have your whole life to yourself.

3. You don't get stuck with some annoying friends you didn't hand pick. By the time you get to your 30s, you've probably trimmed down your friend list to just the best, so why force yourself to hang out with people you didn't choose? hummm

4. Dating is a number game. The more time you spend dating, the more likely you are to find your best match. And by the time you hit your mid 30s, you're more sure of yourself and more confident about what you looking for in a partner. True you not the person you were in your 20s and if you had chosen a husband then you likely might be planning a divorce in your 30s because he might no longer be compatible. You need to discover yourself. Yes! and with life experiences, you would see that you might have chosen someone you needed instead of someone you wanted. So instead of marrying the man of your whims wait enough to marry the man of your dreams.
Hey! I'm not saying go out and be promiscuous. I'm saying its smart to try other alternatives. Its like buying a car, you king of want to know what else is on the market. A Mercedes can seem a fantastic idea, its luxurious, German, fast and sexy. But the  cost of maintenance is very high and looses its value easily. Maybe a Nissan would be a better alternative it seems to be luxurious too, the parts are cheaper and its a faithful car that can last you a long time. What I'm saying is that you need more time to explore the market to see what really suits you! that's an important decision.

5. It affords you more time to focus on your career. I know of many extremely prosperous single ladies that are fabulous at their jobs and have developed very successful careers. And yes, in part its because they don't have a husband breathing down their neck for attention.
I'm not saying that if you stay single you will be economically successful, hey! Look at me. But when you don't have a husband that consumes a lot of your time, you have more of it to spend in your career, it is all bout the "opportunity cost", as economist would put it.

6. When you are married its all about sharing, so you have to seek the other persons opinion and point of view in maters even when personal. When you are single, you can go on vacation or travel wherever you want to, choose to live wherever you want to. You got a job promotion and you've been sent abroad? Sure, when do you leave? That's what I'm saying every decision is made by what you want not his.

7. Freedom!

This has to be the best one! When you are single everything is an adventure, paying your own rent, paying for your vacations, climbing mountain tops, you can do whatever you and you don't owe no one an explanation. William Henley once wrote in s poem " I thank whatever gods may be for my unconquerable soul... I am the master of my faith: I am the captain of my soul". Now, GO OFF CAPTAIN AND SAIL FREE INTO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF BEING A SINGLE LADY AND IF YOU HAVE SPARE CASH TO SPEND, INVITE ME TO A TRIP (I am an awesome company)

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