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5 Things Your Ear Wax Tells About Your Health

Author Topic: 5 Things Your Ear Wax Tells About Your Health  (Read 1837 times)

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5 Things Your Ear Wax Tells About Your Health
« on: October 01, 2016, 11:12:37 AM »

From our lips to our nose to our ears, the human body can provide us with plenty of cues when it comes to our health. Might sound gross. But you can learn a lot about whats really going on in your body health-wise by paying attention tom the wax your ear produces.

Though experts say that the earwax doesn't warrant a lot of attention, earwax helps keep dirt and bacteria from getting too far inside your ear canal. While your earwax might not excite your doctor the way your pee, (((Word Blocked))), saliva, and mucus do, there are still some things your earwax can tell about your health.

It's sticky, or dry.

Research appearing in the journal Nature Genetics find that most people of Asian origin have dry earwax, while people of African or European descent have sticky or "wet" wax. The authors of that study says that this was a genetic adaptation to the climates in which our ancestors developed.

It has strong odor

You may have an infection or damage in the middle part of your ear. This can lead to a number of symptoms that, together, doctors call "chronic otitis media". which one of its symptoms is a foul-smelling drainage from your ear. If your middle ear is messed up, you may also notice problems with your sense of balance, a ringing in your ears, or sensation that your ear is full or blocked. See your doctor. 

You notice when it leaks out

Infections or a tear inside your eardrum can lead to the formation of an abnormal skin growth called "cholesteatoma". Its's a kind of a cyst-like structure that leads to debris from the ear filling up the ear canal. Rather than the undetectible discharge you're used to, earwax may come out in a noticeable trickle or clump. Pressure and pain in your ear can also be symptoms of cholesteatoma.

Its flaky

You're not sick. As people age, the wax tends to get more flaky as opposed to peanut butter. Don't freak out. Glands in general tend to dry out as we get older.

You don't seem to have any wax

If you don't seem to make wax anymore, there is a very small chance you have a rare and not-well-understood condition called "keratitis obturans". Instead of coming out gradually on its own, the wax builds up inside your ear until you have this very hard plug. When this happens you are likely to experience other symptoms like pain or fullness of your ear.


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