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7 Small Ways To Build Your Childs Confidence

Author Topic: 7 Small Ways To Build Your Childs Confidence  (Read 2453 times)

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7 Small Ways To Build Your Childs Confidence
« on: September 04, 2016, 05:21:54 PM »

Confidence is key for loving and accepting oneself. Children who experience confidence have higher chances of growing up to be confident adults able to stand up to whatever challenges they face in school, at their walk place, in their marital life, without you the parent being there to monitor them to make wise decisions. For one thing, people are not born with confidence, it has to be developed. Making this an important goal, it can be carried out throughout the day with very little extra time and energy. To do this here are 7 little ways you can start building your child's confidence.

1. Give encouragement  

Children need encouragement, even we adults do appreciate it when we are encouraged. Life is hard and it becomes harder if you do not have someone who constantly supports you. Providing encouragement will give your child the confidence to keep going and to keep trying to succeed whatever the task might be. Its like riding a bicycle, once you stop pedaling the bicycle stops moving. By providing encouragement, you are not rewarding the task rather you are rewarding your child. You are showing  your child that you support and believe in them. Doing this can only increase your child's confidence as they know they have a strong rooting in you.

2. Set realistic goals

Setting goals for your child can be a huge confidence builder. You have to make sure they are realistic and attainable by your child. Perhaps your child is having a challenge with one or two subjects in school, you can help your child set goals and drafting out a pattern to achieve the set goal. By doing so, they will gain confidence through out the process and feel proud when they complete the set goal.

3. Show unconditional love

Show and tell your child that you love them all the time. When you offer praises and love only when they have done something good, they may begin to feel that you only love them when they do something good. You need to show and tell them that you love them even when they fail. This can boost their confidence because they know you support and love them no matter what.

4. Lead by example

To build your child's confidence, you need to be confident yourself. You can't expect your child to be confident if you don't act confident yourself. Always remember that your child learns from what you say and what they see you  do. You should set a model for your child to follow suit. Praise yourself when you do something great or achieve a set goal. They would see you being an example and learn to grow their confidence.

5. Know what your child loves doing and pick interest

A child will only build his confidence in something they enjoy doing or pick an interest in. You can also take interest in that hobby and give encouragements to your child when necessary. You could use that hobby to connect with your child forming a bond between you and the child.

6. Be positive

It is critical to be more positive and help your child to be optimistic too. Held your child see that they would not always succeed and in other to keep their confidence intact they need to remain optimistic. Don't just say kind words, make them learn from their failures, help them build on their mistakes, make a plan with the child that will help them succeed next time and follow through the plan, This will help them be confident about their skills and know that there is always a room for improvement.

7. Give out little responsibilities

Sometimes, you just need to trust your child's judgment and ability to think. Giving your child responsibilities will make them feel important and needed. While giving out responsibilities, it is important that you pick tasks that your child is capable of handling. Having little responsibilities makes the child feel useful and would help them build their confidence.

There are many other small things you could do to build your child's confidence but giving considerations to the above listed points could be a great way to start off. Showing your child love, care, attention, and picking interest in them positively will help your child grow in his/her self confidence as they grow physically to adulthood.

If you have any more thoughts on how to build your child's confidence please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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