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Title: 5 Really Weird Side Effects Of Workingout
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Fitness fanatics put up with problems other people never would: days of brutal soreness following an intense pump class, and intense, gnawing hunger after a long run. But since you are so used to pushing your body to it's limit, it can be hard to tell what's simply the symptoms of a hard workout and what might need your doctor's attention.

Pushing through a little pain is one thing, but if you're plagued by these symptoms, listen up-your body might be trying to tell you something.

Here are some weird workout side effects, what your body maybe trying to tell you-and when you should actually start worrying.


Lightheadedness after exercise may just be a sign that you went from 60 to zero too quickly, After running long distances, it's important that you walk at the finish line and not stop abruptly, Coming to an abrupt halt can cause blood to rush to your legs and away from your brain, leading to dizziness or collapse.Also, significant dehydration can lead to a state called hypovolemia, or low blood volume, which may produce dizziness.

Immediately you stop working out, drink some water. But the symptoms can also be the first signs of cardiac disease. If you are a normal working guy and you feel dizzy for a long period of time after a workout please contact your doctor.


This one might be serious, especially if it is coupled with muscle aches. It could be a sign that your body is breaking down muscles because you're exercising too intensely. This condition called rhabdomyolysis, can lead to kidney failure and eve death. Get to an ER, urgent-cancer center, or your doctors office immediately. At best, super-dark can also be linked to dehydration and probably still need medical attention.


Nausea during a work out is not normal, and it may be triggered by a number of different things. Eating the wrong food at the wrong time or pushing yourself too hard can cause irritation and even vomiting. Nausea can also occur when you take vitamins on an empty stomach. Also, taking other medications like caffeine pills at the same time as your vitamins can make it worse.

Take vitamins with food, preferably at breakfast or lunch. If you repeatedly suffer from nausea, it is advised to avoid eating solid food three hours prior to a workout.


If it hurts or you notice swelling in the area, see a doctor, as that may indicate a potential problem. Popping or noisy joints aren't usual. Doctors aren't yet sure what causes the sound: bone or tissue rubbing against themselves, or pressure changes caused by fluid shifting through the joint as you walk. In most cases though, it's harmless


Common sense tells you that guzzling a 20-ounce bottle of water isn't a great idea before you do decline chest presses. We all have a little physiological reflux which is normal. And even those who don't usually have a problem with indigestion may experience some reflux or heartburn at the gym. Never take ibuprofen on empty stomach, it may make symptoms worse, as while eating or drinking too close to your workout.
Try taking small sips of water during your workout instead of big gulps, and wait an hour or two after you eat before working out. If the heartburn is accompanied with shortness of breath and/or chest pain, see a doctor immediately, as these may be symptoms of heart attack.