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5 most sensitive parts of every woman

Author Topic: 5 most sensitive parts of every woman  (Read 609 times)

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5 most sensitive parts of every woman
« on: September 30, 2016, 10:04:58 AM »

Every man wants to be master of their partner's pleasure. Because there's no "One Size Fits All" formula for this, arousing a woman can be considered an art because the methods vary for different women and there are always new ways if you are creative.

It doesn't matter how hot your go-to moves are, if you are doing the same things in bed always, things are bound to become stale. That's why you need to be more adventurous and try new tricks  and paths to pleasure. This article discusses the 5 most sensitive parts on the female body that should be explored which can make your woman have an orgasm, sure she would thank you for it.

1. Her Ears

The ear has millions of nerve endings that send pleasurable responses to the brain and it's one part of the body that experiences the least amount of physical contact in a day, making it an even hotter spot to stimulate during sexy time. Though, not everyone is comfortable with full tongue-to-ear penetration, it would be wise to start slow by gently exploring the shape of the ear before caressing the earlobe with your lips. If she seems okay with this, you can take a green light to start to nibble or suck on the lobe. Slowly combine this moves and penetrate the ear with your tongue.
Never underestimate the power of a low moan or a sultry whisper, this is another way to leverage this sensitive part and drive  her mad with desire.

2. Her Neck

The neck is an interesting erogenous zone and stimulation of the neck occurs mostly due to a psychological effect. Because the skin in this area is thin, it does not take a lot to make it feel good. Even the feeling of gentle breath on the nape of the neck can send shivers down a woman's spine. Massaging the neck can make a woman feel dominated, delicate and feminine, while making the man seem powerful, talented and masculine. Try sweeping her hair up and planting gentle, warm kisses along the side of her neck, close to the place you would touch to check her pulses. Then you can kiss your way up to her earlobe for a gentle nibble or two before going in for the full lip lock.

3. Her Lips

The lips are the most exposed of all erogenous zones, and are packed with a ton of nerve endings that are sensitive to even the slightest touch. Stimulating them releases floods of feel-good hormones to our brains that affects our emotions, as well as her lady part.  That's why couples find it imperative to kiss because of of this stimulation. 

Kissing helps stimulate the lips, obviously, but don't be afraid of adding a little variety to the way you're pleasuring them! Your mouth should not be pressed upon hers like a d*ad fish. Put your lips, tongue and teeth to work, by licking, nibbling and caressing her top and bottom lips. Every once in awhile, take a breath from kissing to gently trace the outline of her lips with your thumb as you gaze into her eyes  and catch your breath, before leaning in for more.

4. Her Nipples

Although men have been paying very special attention to the nipples for years, it's remarkable to see that only few men know how to pleasure them to their full potential. The nipples are one of the most sensitive parts of a females body, because according to research, nipple stimulation is processed in the same region of the brain as to the clitoris and woman-hood.

While gently massaging your partner's breast with one hand, use your finger or tongue to lightly trace the area around the areola, before placing your open mouth on her nipple. Try using your lips to softly hold the nipples in your mouth and run your tongue back and forth over it. Use your lips and tongue to massage the area, paying attention to her bodily cues to determine what she likes best.

5. Her Clitoris

If you ever doubt the importance of pleasure in s*x, then let me tell you about the clitoris, a part of the woman's body that is custom made for pleasure. With 8,000 nerve endings packed in such a small little space, you've gotta respect the ratio!

Every clitoris is a little different in terms of sensitivity; even the slightest touch from fingertips maybe too much for some ladies, while others can take a lot more stimulation.

Start off light by using two fingertips to gently massage the clitoris. Try using a circular motion, or switch it up with some up and down movements. Remember that this is not a rub n' tug kind of experience, so you need to be gentle. You might include a little bit of lubrication, certainly this doesn't hurt. You can also stimulate the clitoris with your mouth, oreven bring a vibrator into the mix!


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